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The Hongkong Telegraph.

Thursday, February 8, 1912.
香港英弍月八號 禮拜四

Newseries No. 8705
Page 2


South China Morning Post.

The Boy Scouts.

   The problem of the boy is indeed a perplexing one and it is "solved" in many different ways. The best way up-to-date is that devised by General Baden Powell, famous first as the hero of Mafeking and secondly as the man who conceived the idea of Scouting for Boys. And it is on this second count that his farm will endure the more. He himself holds office as Chief of the Boy Scouts and he is at present on a world's tour in furtherance of a movement which has proved too big for Great Britain alone, and has spread throughout the Colonies and into many foreign countries. In due course he will reach Hongkong, though it will be some considerable time yet before he arrives here, as the Colony is late in his itinerary. When he does come, he may be sure of a rousing reception. We are rather sorry he will not find a very formidable body of young scouts here.

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