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The Hongkong Telegraph.

Friday, April 24, 1914.
香港英四月二四號 禮拜五

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The Scouts.

   In proposing the toast of "Scouts and Bodyguard," Mr. J.M.Noronlia said: -

   This is the first occasion that a toast to the "Boy Scouts and Bodyguard" has ever appeared on a toast list in Hongkong. I feel it a great privilege to be able to propose it, specially when I see every officer connected with the St. Joseph's College troop of Scouts and the associate members of the Bodyguard has honoured us with his presence here tonight, with the exception of an energetic Scoutmaster whose indisposition, we greatly regret. To Major Bowen, the Chief Scout, the College owes the existence of the first troop of Boy Scouts in Hongkong. To Scout Master Edwards we are indebted for the drills and parades; and Messrs. Roylance and Bunja we have to thank for the assistance in drilling the various patrols. I mention the name of Mr. Brookes last, but this fact does not imply that our appreciation of such a zealous instructing officer, is the least. I was by one of those happy coincidences that the rally of the troop took place this afternoon in accordance with the expressed instructions of the Chief Scout, Sir Robert Baden-Powell, that such a ceremony should be carried out on St. George's day.

   Some of our honoured guests have been witnesses of that parade, and many of us at this table have heard the inspiring address of our esteemed Chief Scout, Major Bowen. Under officers such as St. Joseph's troop is fortunate enough to possess, the Scout movement, which is only in its infancy in Hongkong, cannot fail of success. We shall heartily welcome the growth and expansion of the movement so as to include every eligible school in Hongkong. This is a desideratum devotedly to be wished. The aggregate of eligible scouts from among the schools in the Colony - Government  and denominational included, - will represent a force which any Colony in the British Empire may be proud of. Hongkong, unquestionably, should have its district troop organised under administrative and executive committees affiliated to the association of which Sir Robert Baden-Powell is the famous chief. As in the field of sports, so also in the allied movement of a local scouts' organisation, the respective college troops can enter into healthy rivalry. On field days and at parades the various troops will put their best efforts to excel one another, and in this competition healthy stimulus will be instilled into the youthful members to excel in the various duties and obligations of a Scout which are such an important factor to build up character.

   May the Scouts' movement succeed beyond all expectations and may Major Bowen, with whose name I will couple this toast, have the satisfaction of seeing and of taking part in that movement being extended beyond the confines of St. Joseph's College.

   Gentlemen, I ask you to drink with me to the prosperity of the Boy Scouts and St. Joseph's Bodyguard.

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