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The Hongkong Telegraph.

Monday, September 14, 1914.
香港英九月拾四號 禮拜一

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Attend Wedding of Scoutmaster Roylance.

   On Saturday the Boy Scouts of St. Joseph's Troop mastered in full force for a new feature in their parades. It was the occasion of the marriage of the Scoutmaster of the Junior troop, Mr. G.E.Roylance, of the Peak Tramway Company, to Miss Emily Rocha. The bride, who carried a lovely bouquet of white flowers, was given away by Scoutmaster A.J.Edwards, while MR. E.A.Bell acted as best man. The Rev. Father Augustin officiated.

   At the conclusion of the ceremony the Junior troop, in charge of Assistant Scoutmaster J.W.Braga, and the Senior troop, under the command of the Wild Boar Patrol Leader, F.Murray, lined the path from the Church Door to the Road. The troop then marched, in charge of the Chief Scout, Major Bowen, to the Military Hospital, where a cinematograph film of the Scouts at work at stretcher drill, signalling exercises, etc., was taken.

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