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The Hongkong Telegraph.

Monday, September 21, 1914.
香港英九月二拾一號 禮拜一




Strring Address by Bishop Pozzoni.

   On Sunday 60 Scouts of the local troop of Baden Powell Boy Scouts paraded at 6.30 a.m. Accompanied for the first time by their bugle and drum band they proceeded to the 7 a.m. Mass at the Cathedral. The Chief Scout and Scoutmasters were on parade.

   At the conclusion of Mass, which was celebrated by the Patron of the troop, Bishop Pozzoni, at the High Altar, the Troop Colours were ceremonially blessed.

   The colours consist of the Scouts' National Flag, the Union Jack, and the Troop Colour. This is made of white and gold satin with the badge of the Troop on a blue centre and has embroidered on it in gold the names of the four patrols, Wild Boar, Leopard, Panther, and Reindeer. The Union Jack was carried by Patrol Leader J.Anderson, and the Troop Colour by Second F.L.Silva, the Chief Scout and the scoutmaster of the Senior Troop acting as escort.

   His Lordship in a stirring address to the scouts called their attention to the importance of the service. Although it had been but a brief ceremony it was one full of significance and many lessons might be gathered from it. Speaking of the National Flag the Scouts must look upon it with reverence and always be loyal to it. Wherever it is unfurled it speaks of truth and justice and those who dwell under its shadow enjoy freedom and liberty. It tells of a mighty empire of which we were proud to be a part.

   Turning to the troop flag His Lordship noticed that the Scouts had chosen for their patron, St. Joseph. The one great principle of their patron was obedience and it was laid upon every Scout to put this virtue into practice. How might this be done? "Every one of you," said His Lordship, "must become obedient to God and King. You cannot become good citizens unless you are good Christians; therefore, whenever you look upon your colours think of the real meaning they convey to you and the result will be that you will in the end become what we one and all desire you to become - good citizens of this great Empire."

   The troop at the conclusion of the ceremony marched back to Headquarters where they were dismissed for the day.

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