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The Hongkong Telegraph.

Monday, November 16, 1914.
香港英拾一月十六號 禮拜一




Successful Effort for Prince of Wales' Fund.

   Another successful effort on behalf of the Prince of Wales' Fund took place on Saturday evening at St. Patrick's Hall, when the Boy Scouts gave a most enjoyable concert, which was well attended. Among those present were H.E. the Officer Commanding, Commodore Anstruther and Major Bowen, Chief Scout. The Scouts came to the fore in a humorous playlet entitled "Winning a Recruit," a number which elicited roars of laughter and demonstrated the performers' ability in things other than scouting. A monologue, "Our whist drive and concert," by Mr. Blake, was also well received, while Mrs. Goodman sang most pleasingly.

   The programme was as follows:- Opening Cherus. The Scouts. "Winning a Recruit," (A Humorous play): Farmer Stedge, Scoutmaster A.J.Edwards; Mrs. Stodge, Scout R.D.Baptista; Joseph Stodge, Patrol Leader L.Gutierrez; Willie Stodge, Second I.Alarakis; Eveline Stodge, Patrol Leader W.Wilkinson; Squire Ho'dacre, Second F.L.Silva; Police Sergeant Holdit Catchem, Patrol Leader M.F.Bapista; Dr. Killem, M.D., Asst. Scoutmaster J.M.Braga; Patrol Leaders and Scouts, Ruffians, etc. Overture; "The Yokel's Surprise," (A Scout Play); comic song, Mr. J.Palmer; song, Mrs. A.Charlton; dance, Mr. A.Millar; monologue, Our Whist Drive and Concert, Mr. W.F.Blake; song, Mrs. Bacon; impersonations, Mr. Haylock; song, Mrs. Goodman; club-swinging exhibition, Mr. C.Mears; "The Deathless Army," Mr. Clow and Troupe; Accompanists:- Mrs. Mears, Mrs. Aucott, Miss R.Mow-fung and Mr. J.C.Rozario.

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