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The Hongkong Telegraph.


Monday, March 22, 1915.
香港英三月廿二號 禮拜一

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Interesting Function on Saturday.

   An important function took place on Saturday afternoon in St. Joseph's College Square, when the local sections of the Boy Scouts held a parade to be inspected by the New Commissioner. Commodore Anstruther, and the swearing-in of the St. Joseph's Junior Troop took place. Those present included Lady May, Commander Basil Taylour, Chief Scout of the Wolf Cubs; Major General Kelly, Mrs. Kelly, Bishop Pozzoni, the French Consul, M.Liebert; Lt. Col. Chapman, Major Bowen, Mr. Ralphs, Mr. and Mrs. C.Ross, Brother Aimer, principal of the College, and Brother Alfonso.

   The following troops were lined up:- The Peak Wolf Cubs, under Scoutmaster H.Roylance; Wolf Cubs, under Mrs. Rayner; St. Joseph's Junior Troop, under Assistant Scoutmaster J.M.Braga; St. Joseph's Senior Troop, under Scoutmaster A.J.Edwards. The band of the latter troop was also in attendance.

   The troops, which went through their various evolutions in good style, were inspected by Lady May, the New Commissioner, and Commander Taylour, the latter of whom put them through their drill, and Bishop Pozzoni. The St. Joseph's Junior Troop were then a worn in and second class and junior badges were presented to several of the lads.

   The rest of the programme was devoted to drill and a grand march past a daie, from the foot of which the New Commissioner took the salute. An interesting feature was the first appearance of the new Wolf Cubs, who did extremely well under the command of Scoutmaster Roylance, showing a clear appreciation of the many commands which they were asked to obey. The Cubs, under Mrs. Rayner, a body of even smaller boys, also showed up well and their work spoke well of the training given them by their instructress.

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