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The Hongkong Telegraph.


Saturday, April 24, 1915.
香港英四月廿四號 禮拜六

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Commemorating St. George's Day.

   An interesting Boy Scouts Parade took place at the College Square, yesterday afternoon, the following troops participating:- Senior Troop under Scoutmaster Edwards, Junior Troop, under Assistant Scoutmaster Braga, Kowloon Troop, under Scoutmaster O'Farrel, The Peak Wolf Cubs under Honorary Scoutmaster Roylance, and The Wolf Cubs under Scoutmistress Mrs. Rayner. Among the officials present were, Commodore R.H.Anstruther, C.M.G. (Commissioner), Captain Kennedy (Chief Scout), Captain Stewart H.K.V.C., Major McDonald H.K.V.C., and many others interested in the movement.

   Commodore Anstruther addressed the troops, expressed himself as highly pleased at their smartness, and spoke a few words to them about St. George in honour of whose day the Parade was held. He said that St. George was not only the patron Saint of England, but of the whole of the British Empire. He pointed out that they, as Scouts, must fight evil. Scoutmaster Edwards then read the report of the Scouts' Football Medal Competition, and the following Scouts were presented with a silver medal each, Scout I.Alarakia, (Junior Troop) F.Noronhs, (Senior Troop) J.Prouchandy and A.Rumjahn of the Junior Troop. The commodore again addressing the Troops said that he was proud to state that Patrol Leader F.Prouchandy of the Junior Troop, who was parading at the moment, will soon be leaving them, as he has been called upon as a French subject, to join the Colours, and would leave for the recruiting office at Saigon, on Saturday week.

   The Commodore said that he felt sure that the Troops should be proud of Patrol Leader, F.Prouchandy, he then shook hands with the Scout, and on behalf of the Troops, bid him adieu, and wished him good luck. The parade was then brought to a close by the singing of the National Anthem and Captain Kennedy (Chief Scout) calling for three cheers for Commodore Anstruther and the officers present, and these were given by the boys of the Troops.

   A picture was afterwards exhibited to the boys by Scoutmaster Edwards. It was a beautiful oil painting of the boy scouts camping, with the names of the Hongkong Patrols inscribed on the frame and Scoutmaster Edwards informed them that it was to be sent to Major Bowen, their Chief Scout, who left here some weeks ago, in token of the Hongkong Scouts' appreciation of the work rendered by him while in the Colony.

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