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Hongkong Daily Press.

Hongkong, Saturday, October 2nd, 1915.
中華民國四年十月二號 禮拜六

No. 17,907

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   With the object of enlarging the local Association of Boy Scouts a meeting of the present Association was held at the Hongkong Hotel last evening. Rear-Admiral Anstruther, Commissioner, presided, and among those present was Lady May.

   The COMMISSIONER said that he thought the work done by the Boy Scouts in the Colony during the year was still fresh in their minds, but he would like to read them a letter he had received from the Colonial Secretary, which showed that their services to their country in the very trying period at the outbreak of war had received recognition by the Government. The first troop of Scouts to be formed in the Colony was originated in St. Joseph's College, and it was mainly due to the energy of the officers of that Troop and Mrs. Rayner that the association held its present very strong position. That troop was registered in the Boy Scouts Association under the title of the St. Joseph's College Troop of Boy Scouts, and held a warrant. Under these circumstances it had been thought desirable to extend the scope of the movement and to encourage the institution of fresh troops in the Colony, and for this purpose to form a new local association to be called the Hongkong Boy Scouts Association.

   The letter from the Colonial Secretary was as follows:-

   "I am directed to inform you that in forwarding a report by the General Officer Commanding to the Secretary of State on the military operations in this Colony from the outbreak of war up to the end of the June, 1915, His Excellency was pleased to bring to the notice of the Secretary of State for the Colonies the public spirit exhibited by the Boy Scouts in placing their services at the disposal of the Military authorities, and rendering much valuable assistance, and that Mr. Harcourt has desired His Excellency to convey to you his appreciation, which is shared by the Army Council of the assistance rendered."

   After brief discussion it was unanimously agreed that the suggestion of the Commissioner, the drawing in of all the local Troops into one Association, should be put into effect. It was also decided to ask Lady May to become President, the Brother Director of St. Joseph's College and Mr. W.Dixon to be Vice-Presidents, Vice-Admiral Anstruther to be Chairman, Miss Skinner to be Treasurer and Mr. A.M.Preston to be Secretary, and all consented to act.

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