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The Hongkong Telegraph.


Monday, March 29, 1920.
香港英三月廿九號 禮拜壹

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   Lieut. Ranneft, of the Dutch warship "Tromp," gave a lecture at the St. Andrew's Church Hall on Friday night to the members of the British Boys Club and the Cadet Company, H.K. Volunteer Corps. The subject chosen was one of much interest to the boys, for it dealt with "Scouting in Holland." The lecturer had himself prepared 130 lantern slides which were illustrative of Scout work in various parts of the world. These were shown at the lecture and included pictures of Scouts in Africa, Java, the Federated Malay States, etc. The lecturer was very well acquainted with his subject. He gave an interesting description of each picture, and struck a happy chord with his audience by the remark that over 100 British Boy Scouts had received medals for saving life through their knowledge of swimming. In some cases, he said amidst applause, the Scouts in question were young lads.

   An interval was arranged for refreshments, after which the lecture was resumed, on the subject "Dutch, Boy Scouts in Camp." A description, illustrated by slides, was given of the Dutch Boy Scouts, which were very much the same as those of the British Boys Scouts. At the conclusion, the lecturer was rewarded with three cheers and a "tiger" by his audience.

   In reply, Lt. Ranneft said that it had been a pleasure for him to lecture to such an attentive lot of boys. The evening closed with the singing of the National Anthem.

   Much credit is due to Lieut. A.J.M. Weyman for his efforts in the arrangement of the lecture.

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