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The China Mail.

Hongkong, Monday, October 31, 1921.

No. 18,403
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   The inauguration ceremony of the Saiyingpun School Boy Scouts (7th Hongkong Troop) was held on the University Football ground, Pokfulam yesterday afternoon in the presence of a large gathering of the parents and friends of the boys, including Mr. Ho Kom-tong, the Patron of the Troop.

   The boys in their neat khaki uniforms, presented a smart appearance on parade, and well drilled, were a credit to their school.

   The ceremony opened with the "General Salute" on the arrival of the Commissioner, the Rev. G. T. Waldegrave, who inspected the Troop drawn up in double files.

   After the inspection, the Troop formed fours and marched past, the Commissioner taking the salute from a position under the flagstaff from which floated the Union Jack. The emblems of other nations also figured in the scheme of decoration of the ground, the five bars of the Chinese Republic occupying a prominent position amongst them.

   Following the march past, the Troop gave a very creditable display of figure formation, picking out the following figures "7th H.K.T.", "Mr. H.K.T." (the initials of the Patron), and "S.Y.P." Some Chinese characters were also formed. The boys were well applauded for their performance, which reflected much credit on the training they had received at the hands of their Scoutmaster.

   The Troop then again lined up "two deep" and took the interesting Scouts' Oath of "thrift" etc. This part of the ceremony was followed by the receiving of honours.

   Three sides of a hollow square were then formed from the centre of which the Commissioner addressed the Troop. He congratulated them on their smart appearance and creditable performance that afternoon, and dealt on the importance of the Scout movement.

   Mr. Ho Kom Tong then presented the Troop Flag and distributed badges - tenderfoot, signalling and other Scoutcraft - to the successful candidates.

   An interesting part of the ceremony was the repeating of the Scout Laws, which are too well known the world over to require any repetition here.

   Cheers for the Commissioner, Mr. Ho Kom Tong and the guests were then called for and lustily given.

   The singing of "God Save the King" brought the proceedings to a litting close.

   Tea and cakes were served on a lavish scale on the ground during the afternoon.

   It was an interesting and instructive afternoon for all, and when the ceremony was concluded, many lingered behind to see the Troop march away to be dismissed at the school.

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