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The Hongkong Telegraph.


Tuesday, March 28, 1922.
香港英三月弍十八號 禮拜弍

No 12,373
Page 6


To be Decorated by Prince of Wales.

   An interesting event which is being looked forward to with pleasant anticipation by those interested in the Boy Scout movement in the Colony, will take place on 6th. April in connection with the visit of the Prince of Wales. A levee of all the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides of the Colony will be held on this day, the occasion being the presentation by His Royal Highness of the Scout's gilt cross to Patrol Leader Lo Kwok chung, for bravery displayed in the rescue of a boy from drowning.

   It is stated that Patrol Leader Lo Kwok-chung, of the Saiyingpun School's troop of Boy Scouts, in August last, effected a gallant rescue of a small boy at the Kennedy Town bathing beach when the latter was in difficulties and sinking outside the outer boundaries of the beach. In spite of the distance and the strong current then moving in a contrary direction. Patrol Leader Lo, with no regard for the risks to himself, swam out and after hard exertions brought the drowning boy back. Through the local Commissioner of the Boy Scout Association, a recommendation was sent to the London Association, accompanied by an account of Lo's plucky deep, and as a result the Gilt Cross, a much prized trophy coveted by every Boy Scout, was in due course sent to the Colony. It is now in the custody of H.E. the Governor and the arrangements how being made are that the presentation of it to the winner shall be made by His Royal Highness.

   It has been decided that this function shall take place during the inspection of the local Boy Scouts and Girl Guides who will be assembled en masse at Government House in full kit. Patrol Leader Lo will be presented by His Excellency to the Prince, who will personally pin the award on the Scout's breast.

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