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The Hongkong Telegraph.


Friday, April 13, 1923.
香港英四月十三號 禮拜五

No 12,868
Page 6


To-Day's Jamboree.

   Signalling apparatus, specimens of knotting, cases of butterflies, bowls containing various members of the aquatic species, electrical contrivances to which the writer would hesitate to give a name, and all kinds of other paraphernalia connected with scouting activities greeted the eyes of a Telegraph reporter who called at the City Hall this morning. It will all be used at the Boy Scout's Jamboree, the Scouts of the Colony are giving at the City Hall today and tomorrow.
   All the rooms on the first floor will be in use. In St. Andrew's Hall specimens of Scout handicraft will be on view and the Scouts themselves will be seen at work. St. George's Hall is to be used as an arena, in which the Scouts will give displays. One of these will be the construction of a 24 feet trestle bridge by a squad of Scouts drawn from the troops and instructed by Staff Sergeant Best, R.E.

   Exhibitions will be given of sick nursing, tailoring, basket-making, book binding, carpentering, art, naturalist work, metal-working, telegraphy, leather-working and die-carving, showing how the movement is helping make the boys into useful citizens, and, judging by the specimens the Telegraph representative saw this morning, the local Scouts have attained a wonderful state of proficiency in some of these branchee. There will also be a camp scene, and a sea scout exhibition of knotting and splicing, and a club room where instruction will be given in various forms of Scout work.
   In the arena, displays will be given of Swedish drill, Chinese exercises, uses of the Scout staff, stretcher drill, trek cart work, ceremony of investiture of Scouts, and life saving instruction.
   There is to be a propaganda and publication department and a refresbmest room.

   The Jamboree will be opened by H.E. the Governor, Chief Scout of Hongkong, at four o'clock this afternoon. The Jamboree closes at seven o'clock. Admission is free.
   Tonight the Scouts stage in the Theatre Royal a Scout Campfire Concert. An excellent programme has been arranged for this, including songs, recitations, violin solo, Chinese exercises, a sketch, music, shadow acting, illuminated club swinging, etc., concluding with the much-looked-forward-to Scouts' A.D.C. effort "A Storm in a Tea Cup" or "Potted Tempest."

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