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The Hongkong Telegraph.


Monday, August 27, 1923.
香港英八月廿七號 禮拜壹

No 12,789
Page 2


Presentation of Challenge Shield.

   Quite an interesting little ceremony took place on Friday afternoon in connection with the Hongkong Boy Scouts Association, when the winners of the inter-patrol competition of the Roving Fifth troop, were presented with the Challenge Shield, by Mrs. R. H. Kotewall.
   This shield, very kindly presented to the Troop last year by their patron, the Hon. Mr. R.H. Kotewall, is competed for annually, points being awarded to each patrol every month at the full dress parade held on the first meeting day of the month. Points are given for the smartness regularity of attendance, badges gained, etc.; while the competition commences with the reopening of the schools in September and continues until the beginning of the summer holidays.
   Mr. Lau Tak-po has very kindly allowed the Troop the use of two rooms in the grounds of his house in Babington Path as clubrooms, as well as the large lawn, and it was there that the function took place. Besides the Hon. R. H. and Mrs. Kotewall, Mr. and Mrs. Lau Tak Po, and the Commissioner (Rev. G. T. Waldegrave), there were various friends and relations of members of the Troop present. After showing the visitors around the clubrooms -- which were decorated with various flags -- tea was served, each Scout seeing that his people were properly attended to.

Badges for Tests.

   Tea over, the chief event of the afternoon took place. Upon the Scoutmaster blowing the "fall in” signal on his whistle, the Troop immediately assembled in a radiating formation like the spokes of a wheel, with the Cubs in the centre facing the small table upon which the Shield was lying. The actual presentation was preceded by the awarding of the following badges for tests recently passed by members of the Troop:
   Second Class Badges: Patrol Leader Lau Chan Kwok, Second Lau Chan Fan, Scout Lau Fu Chung.
   Starman's Badges: Patrol Leader Edward Shea, Scout A Randall.
   Rescuer's Badges: Patrol Leader Edward Shea, Scout T. Zimmern, Scout F. Zimmern.
   First Year Service Star: Scout W. Y. Chan, Scout J. Wong.
   Second Year Service Star: Scout T. Edwards.
   Sixer D. Anderson then came up to receive the shield, the winning of which by the Wolf Club Pack this year was apparently very popular to judge by the clapping which accommed this part of the ceremony.

Patron's Address.

   The Troop's patron, the Hon. Mr. R.H. Kotewall then addressed them saying what great pleasure it had given both Mrs. Kotewall and himself to be present at that function. He remarked that Mrs. Kotewall should by rights have been enjoying a tea party at home, as it was her birthday, but when he suggested this to her she immediately remarked that it would be far more enjoyable to have tea with the Scouts instead. He congratulated the Troop, which is now the largest in the Association, both upon their numbers and their present position in the Prince of Wales' Banner competition, in which they stand second, being only a few marks behind the leading troop. He especially congratulated the Wolf Cub Pack on their winning the shield in a very closely contested competition. In conclusion, Mr. R.H. Kotewall expressed the desire that the Troop should enjoy a day's outing, in whatever from they wished, at his expense.

Thanks Badges.

   In reply the Scoutmaster, Mr. R.W. Barney, welcomed the visitors, and remarked what a great pleasure it afforded the Troop to see their patron there, especially as they knew how many calls were constantly being made upon his time. Referring to the Wolf Cubs, he pointed out that each one had both his First and Second Star, showing that they had reached the highest grade to which a Cub can attain. In addition Cub A. Hunt had passed the Artist's badge and Cub E. Churn the Swimmer's badge. Their success and general officiency was due in no small measure to the patience and untiring energy of their Cubmaster, Mr. Y.F. Fenton. On behalf of the Troop he heartily thanked Mrs. Kotewall for so kindly consenting to present the shield, and wished her many happy returns of the day. In token of their gratitude to both Mr. Kotewall and Mr. Lau Tak Po for the many good turns they had done to the Troop, he asked them each to accept the Scouts’ Thanks Badge, which entitled them to the willing services of any Scouts they may meet in any part of the world. The Thanks Badges were then presented by Sixer D. Anderson and Patrol Leader J. Kotewall, and at the same time a bouquet of flowers was presented to Mrs. Kotewall by Douglas Hunt, the smalleat Cub. Hearty cheers were then given for Mr. and Mrs. Kotewall and also for the visitors.
   The visitors then had an opportunity of seeing Scouts and Cubs both at work and at play.

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