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The Hongkong Telegraph.


Tuesday, January 8, 1924.
香港英正月八號 禮拜弍

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   There was an informal gathering of parents at the Peak Club yesterday evening to discuss the possibility of forming a Wolf Club pack for boys living in the higher levels. The Rev. G.T.Waldegrave, Commissioner of Scouts for Hongkong, attended and shortly explained the relation of the Wolf Cub movement to the Scout movement. Just as the Scout movement had relation to the story of Kim, he said so in prefer to imagination the Cub movement had relation to Kipling’s first Jungle Book. He went on to explain more fully the aims of a path and the necessary steps to take to form one. There was some discussion and it was decided to have a meeting of eligible boys next Friday in order to form a pack. Miss Miller will be the Old Wolf in charge of the pack and it will automatically become number five pack of the Colony.
   Through the kindness of Mrs. Stark the Peak School will be put at the disposal of the cubs, and a Committee of parents was formed in connection with the pack.
   The Rev. Waldegrave expressed his gratitude and indebtedness to Miss Miller for what she had done in the matter.

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