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The China Mail.

Hongkong, Saturday, June 28, 1924.

No. 19,224
Page 8



   All who are interested in the development of the character of the youth of the day and the formation in them of healthy interests will wish the Boy Scouts' Association of Hongkong every success in the new effort they have launched to make the work of the Association more widely known and thus to stimulate a great measure of public interest in the Boy Scout Movement.
   It is not the intention of the Hongkong Association to beat the big drum and organise a "drive" for recruits but as the Government has made them a grant from public funds they feel that they are under an obligation to the public to show that they are using the money to good advantage and they think that they could not do this better than by putting before them the aims and achievements of the Association.
   This they have done by distributing several hundreds of the June number of their monthly publication, the Silver Wolf marking the commencement of a new volume which it is hoped will be even more interesting than the past ones. The artistic cover of the new volume is the joint production of Major Gandy and Mr. M.F.Baptiste. Major Gandy is to be congratulated on his excellent representation of the View across the harbour with the Peak rising in the background and Mr. Baptiste on his border design.

   In addition to records of the doings of all the Troops and Wolf Cub packs there are some excellent articles on subjects which will interest and be of value to all and sundry but particularly to boys with the love of adventure and the desire for service - such articles as "Chinese soldiers in the South - How to distinguish them," "Shifting scenes in Northern Africa," "The engine of a motor car," "The transit of Mercury across the sun's disc" and "Tigers and things," all written by local people interested in the movement. The Commissioner's letter contains much that will help and encourage those who are actively engaged in the work of the Association and hints at the possible acquisition of a central headquarters for the Association.

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