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The China Mail.

Hongkong, Saturday, January 10, 1925.

No. 19,390
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   The annual meeting of the Hongkong Boy Scouts' Association was held at St. John's Cathedral Hall last evening, Mr. R.H.B.Hancock presiding.
   The report for the year ended September 30 showed a balance in hand of $14,386.58. Commenting on the accounts, Mr. C.Champkin said that he took charge of the "Silver Wolf," the official magazine of the Association, when he relieved Rev. Waldegrave as commissioner. The Association still contributed $75 per month toward the upkeep of the magazine, and with this help and other contributions the magazine had not only paid for its upkeep but there was a balance of $1,523. The subscription of $10 each from about 160 members, who enlisted during the year, were divided equally between the Association and the "Silver Wolf." The cost of upkeeping Pine Woods would not appear again as these had been taken over by the Military authorities, but the Association would still be allowed to use them.
   The accounts were passed.
   The chairman mentioned that the Commissioner had done hard work in publishing the "Silver Wolf," which he had not told those present.

   The following were re-elected as officers for the present year on the motion of Mr. C.Champkin, seconded by Lt. Col. T.A.Robertson:- The Hon. Mr. P.H.Holyoak (president), Mr. R.H.B.Hancock (vice president), Mr. G.W.Sellars (treasurer), and Mr. A.White (secretary).
   The Commissioner commented on the satisfactory way in which Mr. Sellars had carried out his duties as acting treasurer during the absence of Mr. C.H.Blason. Mr. Champkin, who is leaving the Colony shortly welcomed Lt. Col. Robertson as acting Commissioner
pending the return of the Rev. G.W.Waldegrave, and expressed the hope to resume activities on his return.
   A vote of thanks to the Chairman brought the meeting to a close.

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