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The Hongkong Telegraph.

Friday, February 19, 1925.
香港英弍月十九號 禮拜四

No 12,719
Page 3



   At the Taikoo Club Iast night the 9th. Hongkong (Taikoo) Troop gave a grand display and entertainment to aid the Troop Fund and to stimulate interest in the Boy Scout movement. There was a good attendance comprised largely of Taikoo residents and the Fund should be considerably augmented,
   A very enjoyable programme was ably carried out by the Boy Scouts and the Clubs, the boys who looked very smart in full accoutrements being loudly applauded after each item. The function provided the Troop an opportunity to demonstrate the benefit of the scout training which they have received and that they took full advantage of the occasion was proved by the enthusiasm with which they carried out their parts. The titbit of the programme was perhaps a comedy drama entitled. "On the Track of the Spies," which was produced with appropriate scenery. The intriguing plot, combined with the patriotic theme, made it an extremely fitting concluding item of a well selected programme.
   For the success of the evening credit is due to the acting Scout Master of the Troop. Mr. A.Ferguson, and to Miss N.McNeille who acted as pianist during the evening.
   The following was the programme:

Part I.

   Chorus, "Scout Law," The Troop.
   Solo, "Hot Stuff," Scout J.Muirhead.
   Ambulance, The Cubs.
   Solo, "Marching Along," Cub A.McCubbin.
   Physical Drill, Drill Term.
   Camp Fire Sing song, The Troop.

Part II.

   "On the Track of the Spies," a Comedy Drama in two acts by C.E.Burgess.

   Dramatis personae: Foreign Lodger, Act. C.M. W.Gardner; Foreign Friend, P.L. K.Boulton; Scout Leader, Act. S.M. A.Ferguson; Dick - member of Scout Troop. P.I. J.Laing; Yawny Bob of Scout Troop, Sec. J.McCubbin. Other Members of Scout Troop, Scouts F.Bird, W.Eldridge, R.Amery, J.Muirhead, Cubs T.Swan, A.McCubbin, J.Barker. .
   Wife of Coastguard, Miss B.McCubbin.

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