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Hongkong Daily Press.

Hongkong, Monday, April 27th, 1925.
中華民國十四年四月廿七號 禮拜壹

No. 20,846

Page 5



   ln connection with the yearly competitions carried out to the Hongkong Boy Scouts Association for the Prince of Wales' Banner, a Rally was held on Saturday afternoon at Sookunpoo Valley.
   Altogether there were some 250 Scouts on parade, these comprising members of 9 competing troops, namely the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 10th, and 13th troops.
   The proceedings were under the command of the Scout Commissioner (the Rev. G.T.Waldegrave); while Mr. A.White (District Scoutmaster and Hon. Secretary), Mr. C.H.Blason (Hon. Treasurer) and Scoutmaster A.Kirk (of the 3rd Troop, which did not compete), were responsible for the judging of the general contests, and Captain Williams judged the ambulance competitions.
   The proceedings opened with a minute and detailed inspection of the competing troops by the Scout Commissioner, points being awarded for good average turn out, punctuality, correctness of kit, and personal cleanliness. Other competitions included the following squad tests:- Tracking, fire lighting, map reading, and knotting. The concluding item of the programme was a troop contest, in which instructions were given in sealed envelopes. Points in this contest were awarded for correct signalling; next writing of message; correct treatment of patient, stretcher work, improvisation of stretcher, etc.; and management of the squad by the leader in charge.
   The points gained by the troops will not be made known until a later date, as they have to be worked out. The Banner is not awarded until the end of September.

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