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The Hongkong Telegraph.

Monday, October 19, 1925.
香港英十月十九號 禮拜一

No 21,859
Page 2



The Annual Aquatics.

   The new headquarters of the Hongkong Scouts in Lower Albert Road, was formally opened by His Excellency the Governor (Sir Edward Stubbs K.C.M.G.,) on Saturday afternoon at the conclusion of the sports at the V.R.C., where a large number of friends and parents assembled to witness the swimming.
   The various troops in the Colony marched from the V.R.C. to the Volunteer Headquarters, where they lined up in horseshoe formation to receive the Governor, who was met by the Commissioner (Rev. G.T.Waldegrave), the Assistant Commissioner (Lt. Col. T.A.Robertson) and other Scout officers. Sir Claud Severn, who distributed the certificates to the successful swimmers at the sports, was also present, with the Hon. Mr. P.H.Holyoak and many others.

The Governor's Departure.

   The Commissioner, addressing the gathering made reference to the coming departure of His Excellency, and said that they had assembled there for the Governor, as Chief Scout, to open the new headquarters for the Boy Scouts' Association, as well as to express their appreciation for the great work he had performed.
   Continuing, the Rev. Waldegrave, said that in 1920 there was only one troop, whereas now there were 21 and five Wolf Cub packs and this growth could not have taken place without the support given by His Excellency, their Chief Scout. Recalling the many things the Chief Scout had done for them which included various parades at Government House, the gift of the Prince of Wales' Banner for competition among the troops, the new headquarters, and a large tract of land at Junk Bay which provided an excellent training ground, for the lack of which the work of the Association had been handicapped. The Commissioner said they all would realise what a loss it would be to the Scouts when His Excellency left the Colony. (Applause).
   The Commissioner also spoke of the Boy Scouts rally at Wembley, when the Hongkong Scouts had their tent in close proximity to the Jamaica Scouts, and became friends at the Jamboree. He said that their Chief Scouts was leaving for Jamaica, where they had very good friends, and he wished him good luck. He hoped His Excellency would convey to the Jamaica Scouts the greetings of the Hongkong Scouts. (Applause).
   In making the presentation of a silver figure of a Chinese Scout, to which every Scouts (???) contributed, the Commissioner asked His Excellency to accept that small gift as a token of the best wishes of the Association to His Excellency and Lady Stubbs. (Applause).

His Excellency's Reply.

   His Excellency, in reply, said that the motto of the Boy Scouts Association was "Be Prepared," but he was afraid he could not come up to that motto as he was not prepared for the kind gift which they had made him. (Laughter). He would value the gift very much, and he could not adequately thank them.
   As regards the new headquarters and the grounds at Junk Bay, His Excellency said that he could not have arranged for the disposal of these without the assistance of the Council Members, and he could assure them that they had a very warm supporter in Mr. Holyoak. (Hear, hear).
   Although he was partly responsible for the resurrection of the Scout movement, real credit should be given to Col. Bowen (the previous Commissioner) who laid the foundation of the Boy Scout movement as it was in Hongkong today. When it became necessary for him to leave the Colony, Col. Bowen, recommended that the Rev. G.T.Waldegrave be appointed as his successor, and His Excellency felt sure that the boys could hardly have had a better Commissioner. (Hear, hear).
   Continuing, His Excellency said that he had received a letter from Sir Robert Baden Powell, Chief Scout, offering him the position of Chief Scout in Jamaica, which he had much pleasure in accepting. (Applause). He hoped to meet the Chief Scout some day and he would tell him what the movement in Hongkong was like.
   In conclusion, His Excellency desired to thank the Boy Scouts on behalf of the community for the excellent services rendered by them during the strike period. Everything they had been asked to do had been done well, and, as Chief Scout, he thanked them. (Applause).
   Cheers for His Excellency and the singing of the National Anthem brought the ceremony to a close.

The Sports.

   The annual aquatic sports at the V.R.C. were as great a success as in former years and the various events, which were keenly contested, were marked by very close finishes. The programme was long and interesting and swimming was witnessed by a large number of friends.
   The success of the function was mainly due to the energetic officials who carried out their respective duties in a praiseworthy manner. Those who assisted in the sports included.
   President.- Hon. Mr. P.H.Holyoak.
   Committee.- Rev. G.T.Waldegrave, Commissioner, District Scoutmaster A.White, Cubmaster Y.Fenton, Scoutmaster T.E.Jackson, Scoutmaster K.U.Lo, and Scoutmaster F.Williams.
   Referee.- Mr. W.Logan.
   Judges.- Lt. Col. T.A.Robertson, O.B.E., Assistant Commissioner, Lt. Commander C.R.H.Harvey, R.N., Capt. A.E.Watts, A.E.C., Scoutmaster Y.K.Ho, Mr. G.T.May, Dr. M.P.Minnett, M.D., M.R.C.P., Mr. R.C.Witchell, and the Commissioner.
   Starter.- The District Scoutmaster.
   Timekeepers.- Lt. Commander C.R.H.Harvey, R.N., Mr. R.C.Witchell, and Mr. G.T.May.
   Competitors' Stewards.- Scoutmasters C.H.Butcher, K.C.Kong and S.C.Li.
   General Stewards.- The Scouters and Cubbers.
   Secretary and Recorder.- Scoutmaster F.P.Williams.
   Certificates were presented to the successful winners at the conclusion of the sports by the Sir Claud Severn, who was thanked by the Commissioner, who said he had a very sad duty to perform on behalf of the Scouts in having to say farewell to Sir Claud. The growth and success of the movement he attributed to the kindly thought and consideration of Sir Claud, and the heartiest wishes of the Hongkong Scouts would attend him on his departure. (Applause).
   The youngest Cub, Colin Ironside, of the 5th Pack, presented Sir Claud on behalf of the Association with a token, which took the form of a thanks badge. This was accompanied by a certificate explaining that it is an old badge of goodwill from all the Scouts for services rendered and commands the willing service of any Scout who happens to see it at any time or place.
   Cheers were then called for Sir Claud and heartily given.

Chief Scout's Visit to Hongkong.

   Sir Claud Severn replied, thanking the Scouts for the gift and for the kind things said of him by the Commissioner. When he first came to Hongkong there was no Scouts Association, and he remarked on the wonderful way in which the movement had developed. The only movement in existence then for training boys into usefulness was a Church Lads’ Brigade under the Rev. Spink - a very fine athlete. He recalled a display given by these Lads at Government House when he entertained the Chief Scout, Sir Robert Baden Powell, who gave an address on the usefulness of Scouts and the value of training. He had a photograph of the display with the Chief Scout, and he proposed to have this enlarged and hung on the walls of the new headquarters which he had visited that day. This was the only time the Chief Scout visited the Colony, and he wished the Scouts to preserve a record of it. (Applause).

Hopes of Returning.

   Continuing, Sir Claud said that he was not bidding them farewell but only au revoir, as he hoped after his departure to visit Hongkong with Lady Severn in the near future and see them again. (Applause).
   He thanked them once again for the gift, which he said he would always wear, and he hoped that it would have the magical effect the Commissioner said it possessed.
   Cheers were given for the visitors and the proceedings closed with the singing of the National Anthem.

The Results.

   The following are the results:
   50 Yards’ Senior Championship.- 1, A.Chan; 2, F.Zimmern. Time: 32.
   50 Yards' Junior Backstroke.- F.Zimmern. Time: 1.28 2/5 secs.
   Wolf Club Race, One Length.- V.Bateman. Time: 22 3/5 secs.
   100 Yards' Senior Championship.- 1, K.Boulton; 2, J.Lyon. Time: 1.16 2/5.
   50 Yards' Junior Championship.- 1, J.McCubbin; 2, J.Sloan. Time: 43.
   Senior Diving.- 1, Ng Wai-ma (93 pts.); 2, J.Sloan (92 pts.)
   Life Saving Race.- 1, Talati; 2, A.May. Time: 66 secs.
   Junior Diving.- J.McCubbin (96); A.McCubbin (94 1/2).
   100 Yards' Senior Backstroke.- 1, H.Chan; 2, T.L.Thorn. Time: 1.39.
   50 Yards' Scouters', Cubbers' and Rovers' Race.- 1, A.S.M. Ng Hon-sang; 2, C.M. W.Gardner, Time: 40 secs.
   Inter Troop Relay Race.- 1, Fifth Troops; 2, First Troop. Time: 1.36.
   Inter Pack Team Relay Race.- 1, Taikoo. Time: 1.22 7/5.
   Egg and Spoon and Needle and Thread Race.- 1, E.Lee, 2, J.Lyon.

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