Hongkong Daily Press.

Hongkong, Monday, March 15th, 1926.
中華民國十五年叁月拾五號 禮拜壹

No. 21,119

Page 5



   The grounds of Headquarters House, drab-hued with Autumn's brush, presented a festive scene on Saturday afternoon, when the Hongkong Boy Scouts, by kind permission of H.E. the General Officer Commanding, Major General C.C.Luard, C.B., C.M.G., held their annual Rally and started the competition for the Prince of Wales's Banner for the current year.
   The Senior Scout Officers, in charge of Saturday's arrangements were the Rev. G.T.Waldegrave, Commissioner, Col. T.Robertson, Assistant Commissioner; Mr. C.H.Blason, Honorary Treasurer; Mr. A.White, Honorary Secretary and District Scout Master.
   The foregoing were assisted in the judging by Acting Scout Master Roberts (recently arrived from Malta), Capt. R.D.Williams, Dr. and Mrs. Minnett (who is also a fully qualified practitioner) and the Rev. E.A.Rigden, R.N., of H.M.S. Vindictive.
   The following Troops took part:-
   1st Troop under Scout Master Braga.
   2nd Troop under Scout Master Jackson.
   3rd Troop under Scout Master Williams.
   4th Troop under Scout Master Butcher.
   5th Troop under Scout Master Gittens.
   6th Troop under Assistant Scout Master Leung.
   7th Troop under Scout Master Kong.
   13th Troop under Scout Master Lo.
   19th Troop under Scout Master Hon Fuk Fai.
   20th Troop under Assistant Scout Master Ng Hong San.
   A parts of Sea Scouts acted as orderlies to the officials.
   It is interest to note that the 20th Troop, which was only formed late last year, happened to be starting on a hike on the day of the fire at the Hongkong Hotel. They at once went to the scene and did most excellent work throughout the day.


   After the Scouts had been drawn up and had the details of the Banner Competition explained to them by the Commissioner, they were inspected by Colonel Robertson.
   Following the inspection, the Banner Competition commenced. The tests carried out on Saturday were:-
   (1) Demonstration of uses to which the Scout Staff can be put, with the exception of staff drill (under the Commissioner).
   (2) Observation of a certain number of articles for given time, at the conclusion of which the competitors had to turn away. The position of some of the articles was then changed and a further inspection allowed to point out what changes had been made.
   This competition was in charge of Mr. Blason and Rev. E.A.Rigden, R.N., who expressed themselves as well satisfied with the results.
   (3) Signalling. Each squad had to take down a message sent by Ag. S.M. Roberts. The message was sent just once at a reasonable speed, after which competitors were allowed time to write out a fair copy of what they had taken down, both copies to be handed to the judge.
   (4) A map making test was set by Scout Master White, for which squads of 4 only were eligible.
   (5) First Aid Test, in which the following posers were set by Captain Williams:-
      (1) How to treat fracture of the lower jaw; arterial bleeding at forearm; a burnt back. Patient to be carried to "hospital" on what is known as the four handed seat.
      (2) The second test called for treatment of fracture of ribs; bleeding under arm pit; burn on thigh. Patient to be carried by "Fireman's lift."
   The Judges were Dr. and Mrs. Minnett, who both expressed themselves well pleased at the knowledge and ingenuity displayed by the competitors.
   Dr. Minnett was especially pleased with the 20th Troop for their treatment of the patient with fractured ribs.
   "After the fractured ribs bad been bound up in the ordinary way," said Dr. Minnett, "the Scouts in addition to the use of two artificial splints had bound the patient's arms firmly to his sides, thus rendering the fractured ribs immovable."
   Those Scouts not taking part in the competitions, indulged in various games before an interested audience, which included the General Officer Commanding and Mrs. Luard, Colonel and Mrs. Luard, Dr. Sir Eric and Lady Stuart Taylor, Mrs. Robertson, Mrs. Minnett, Mrs. Melville Smith, Mrs. Skelton, Mr. and Mrs. Talati, Miss Fleming, Capt. R.Q.F. Johnston, A.D.C. and Mrs. D.W.Morley.
   Tea was provided for the 200 Scouts present by Colonel and Mrs. Robertson, while the officers and visitors were entertained by Major General and Mrs. Luard.


   At the conclusion of the competitions the Scouts were drawn up on the tennis court and briefly addressed by the Commissioner, who stated that he was well satisfied with the day's proceedings. He regretted that the unavoidable absence of the Chief Scout (Sir Cecil Clementi, K.C.M.G.) necessitated the postponement of the presentation of the Prince of Wales's Banner and also the decoration of Scout Master Braga with the Silver Cross, awarded him for work done at the time of the Po Hing Fong disaster.

   He trusted that those troops, who had not competed on Saturday, would do so next time and that those who had not done well in the competitions to date, would not be disheartened but, on the contrary, would strive the harder for improvement. He mentioned that while there were 70 uses to which the Scout Staff could be put, only 22 had been demonstrated that day, and he relied upon the Scout Masters to encourage further study along this line.
   The Commissioner thanked Major General and Mrs. Luard for their generosity in throwing the grounds open to them and thus enabling them to hold their annual Rally in such ideal surroundings.
   The Commissioner then called for three cheers for Major General and Mrs. Luard, which were heartily given.


   The next proceeding was the handing of the warrants to Colonel Robertson, Assistant Commissioner; to Mrs. Melville Smith, Lady Cub Master; to Scout Master Williams; and Assistant Scout Masters White, Shea, Ng Ong Sai, and B.M.Talati.
   The singing of the National Anthem brought the proceedings to a close.