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The Hongkong Telegraph.

Monday, April 5, 1926.
香港英四月五號 禮拜一

No 21,859
Page 4



   London March 8- A rebellion among East End boy scouts has resulted in a definite organisation with Lord Alington as President of the "Independent Boy Scouts of Shoreditch."
   A Vice President is the former Commissioner, Ireson, who has joined the revolt.
   The rebellion originated with the Shoreditch Association censuring a Scoutmaster who had not fulfilled his promise to arrange a summer camp, which the local scouts regard as the greatest event of the year.
   Imperial headquarters disavowed the vote of censure and ordered the Association to retract a letter written by the local Vicar who controls the Shoreditch Scouts Association.
   The Vicar refused and was suspended.
   He has started the new organisation with a claim that he has enrolled twelve out of seventeen troops and seven out of eleven cub расkѕ.
   Mr. Ireson claims loyalty to Sir Robert Powell personally, and to his scout ideals.
   Headquarters recently cancelled the London boxing and other championships on the ground that certain of the officials were fostering pot hunting.


   The Imperial Headquarters of the Boy Scout movement have withdrawn its warrant from the troop at Fulham owing to disagreement on the question of the cubs' uniform.
   This is the fifth troop to figure in disputes with Headquarters recently.

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