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The Hongkong Telegraph.

Thursday, May 13, 1926.
香港英五月十三號 禮拜四

No 21,859
Page 8



   There was a very large gathering at the parade ground of the Hongkong Volunteer Defence Corps last evening, when the local Boy Scouts held a rally and were inspected by His Excellency the Governor, Sir Cecil Clementi, and afterwards gave a display embracing the various branches of Scout endeavour.
   The original plan was to have the rally on the Murray parade ground, but owing to unforeseen circumstances this could not be carried out, and use had to be made of the more limited space at Volunteer Headquarters.
   The rally was under the command of the Revd. Mr. G.T.Waldegrave, M.A., Commissioner and Deputy Camp Chief, assisted by Lt. Colonel, T.A.Robertson, O.B.E. His Excellency the Governor attended in his capacity as Chief Scout.
   The troops taking part were:
   Rover Scouts.- Sea Rover Patrol, Roving Fifth Patrols, 6th H.K. Rover Patrol; Scout Troops.- H.K. Sea Scouts, St. Joseph's College, St. Andrew's, Kowloon, 1st Wanchai Wesleyan, Murray, "Roving Fifth," Ellis Kadoorie School, Saiyingpun School, 1st South China Athletic Association, Taikoo Scottish, St. Paul's College, Ying Wa College, 2nd. S.C.A.A., 3rd S.C.A.A., 1st Taikoo Chinese, 2nd Taikoo Chinese, 3rd Taikoo Chinese, 1st Yaumati, Central, and Japanese H.K.B.S.A., as well as the following Wolf Cub units.- "Bulldog," attached to 5th Troop, St. Andrew's, Kowloon, and Peak.

The Display.

   His Excellency accompanied by Lady Clementi arrived punctually at 5.30 p.m. and after the salute and inspection had been carried out, the various troops gave a most interesting series of displays.
   These were all excellently performed, but the limitations of space munt have been a hindrance.
   The programme was as follows:
   Ambulance display, Wolf Cub display, Jiujitsu and Japanese fencing, Ambulance instruction, Scout games and physical exercises, Bamboo tower construction, Trek cart drill, Pyramids, Chinese boxing exercises, Highland dancing, Scout games and mimetic exercises, Camping, Tent pitching and striking, Signalling, Fleet manoeuvres (illustrating control of fleet by signals, and concluding with the signal to "Chase the enemy," by 1st Sea Scouts, under Chief Yeo-man of Signals Smith, H.M.S. Tamar, each Scout representing a warship), Fire fighting, Ambulance work, Signalling, and Cycle stretcher work.
   The volunteer band of H.M.S. Durban was present and played appropriate music, while Pipe Major Wilson of the Defence Corps performed upon the bagpipes for the Highland dancing. Sub Officer Chan of the Hongkong Fire Brigade was in charge of the fire fighting display, and made a spectacular jump into the life saving sheet from the cornice of the Headquarters.
   On the conclusion of the display, His Excellency presented awards to various members of the troops, these being the Prince of Wales Banner for general proficiency and smartness, which was won by the 7th Troop (Saiyingpun School); the Silver Medal and certificate signed by Sir R.Baden Powell to Scout Master Braga of the 1st Hongkong Troop for services rendered in rescuing a girl at the Po Hing Fong collapse on July 18, last year; letters of commendation to Troop Leader Kwok Mok Hoi, of the 13th Troop, for rendering first aid to injured persons on two occasions, and to Scout Chan King Ming for aid rendered to the Health Authorities in discovering a case of concealed smallpox.
   Two Scout Masters were presented with warrants of appointment, and took the Scout Promise in full view of the assemblage.

The Governor's Message.

   The Revd. Mr. Waldegrave in a brief speech welcomed His Excellency, and hoped that although this welcome by the Scouts had been somewhat delayed, in future further opportunities would present themselves for a closer acquaintance.
   His Excellency, in reply, congratulated the Hongkong Scouts on the display they had given, which, he said, was so good that he hoped they would improve on it in future, with an increase in numbers and efficiency. The work done was appreciated, but it was necessary for the good of the movement that there be an increase in Scout Masters, particularly in the Chinese troops. If the graduates and undergraduates of the Hongkong University would interest themselves in the movement, they would be able to instil that fine spirit which had met the Bolshevik menace last year. If last year in the schools there had been a strong Scout detachment, there would have been no such youthful folly as the schoolboy strike.
   The Scouts were a brotherhood of boys, and they would eventually become a brotherhood of men. Their training was such that it would be of great value, not only to their motherland, but to the world in general.
   Concluding, His Excellency pledged his support to the movement and assured all those present of his assistance in whatever capacity it might be needed.
   The rally then came to a termination, with assembled Scouts cheering in the approved manner, with hats upon staves and the singing of God Save the King.

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