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The Hongkong Telegraph.

Tuesday, April 19, 1927.
香港英四月十九號 禮拜二

No 22,146
Page 7



   St. Andrew's Troop of Boy Scouts gave their annual display, at the Church Hall last evening. There was a good audience who risked the chance of rain, and they were well repaid, for the Troop gave an excellent display of their scouting work and play.
   The first half of the programme was given outside in the galley illuminated church grounds, and included a very pleasing show by the cubs, who showed various formations and ended by signalling in Morse the cub motto. The Scouts looked very well when they formed their pyramids and were loudly applauded. Twenty five minutes was the time taken to erect a very substantial observation post, all complete with rope ladder, etc. It towered to a height of about 20 feet, and the ease with which the boys did their work denoted skill which is to be commended.
   During the interval a move was made into the Church Hall and the Mannequins paraded before the audience, who were delighted to see such a well dressed set of beauties. There were Miss Summer (H.Brown), Miss Winter (T.Ingram), Miss Kowloon (D.Davidson), Miss Hongkong (R.Woolley) and the Crossword Boy with his bicycle (W.Chan). The fairer sex must be all agog about the new styles shown to such advantage.

   Next came a screaming farce which convulsed the audience, for Dr. Cutemup was nothing if not thoroughly in his work on the patient who has his arm, leg, ribs, lungs, heart, intestines, etc., removed with great kill. All were thoroughly restored to health and replaced somehow or other in a way which was most surprising, and the only reason why nobody in the crowd fainted was because they only saw shadows on the screen.
   The acting was very good, and the success of this novelty was due to the boys who took their parts so well.- Patient (G.White), Dr. Cutemup (J.Lyon), Attendant (R.Tobin), Assistants (S.MacNider and C.Spradberry), Patient's Friend (F.Wong), Noises (R.Woolley).
   A Camp Fire Scene came next, and it was announced that the scene showing a number of tents pitched in a very pretty meadow was painted by one of the Scouts (D.Davidson), and it was a fine piece of work. The realistic fire and rollicking songs were enjoyed by listeners and singers too, and the fact of Old John Brown having a "Ford" on his farm was made known by a fearful clatter of tins.
   The Scoutmaster, Mr. T.E.Jackson, has every reason to be proud of the boys of his Troop.

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