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Hongkong Daily Press.

Hongkong, Thursday, September 1st, 1927.
英壹仟九百廿七年玖月壹日 禮拜肆

No. 21,573

Page 2



   The following account of the Chinese "Boy Corps" appears in a Home paper of Socialistic tendencies. It may amuse people who know something about the "Revolution."
   The Chinese Revolution has its "Boys Corps," dressed very much like Western "Scouts."
   Fifty thousand boys between the ages of six and 18 are now organised in this "Boys Corps" in Nationalist China.
   Clad in neat khaki, red handkerchiefs twisted about their shoulders, sturdy staffs in their hands you find these youths everywhere on duty.
   "One astonishing activity that is being carried on by these boys," one official report states, "is to persuade all women to unbind their feet."

Keeping Order.

   At a great mass gathering recently, when 200,000 people met in celebration, and 16,000 members of the Boys Corps acted as guards, a group of foreigners was inadvertently caught in a rush for the gate.
   "To have stumbled in that great mass of moving people would have meant certain death," an American girl, a member of the party, told later.
   "My shoes were trampled from my feet - the crowd seemed to have lost sense of direction, and milled backward and forward in horrible contusion - yet I was never too frightened. Always somewhere in the multitude, I could see the khaki uniform of a Boys Corps member, trapped just as l - but ever valiantly waving his stick aloft, calling out directions to the crowd at tempting to subdue the confusion. Eventually the boys were successful."

The Boys' Law.

   Boys must be obedient to their officers; they must protect the interests of the labourers; they must be friendly to one another; they must not drink, smoke, gamble, or entertain any superstitious ideas; their slogan is: "Down with imperialism, militarism."
   The flag of the boys is five and a half feet long and three feet three inches wide. Whenever they meet one another they must salute. Wherever they go, they must take their staffs with them.

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