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The China Mail.

Hongkong, Thursday, May 3, 1928.

No. 25,860
Page 6



   The Rev. G.T.Waldegrave, M.A., Commissioner of the Boy Scouts Association, Hong Kong branch, was presented with the Silver Wolf at Government House yesterday by H.E. the Governor (Sir Cecil Clementi, K.C.M.G.)
   All Scout troops in the Colony and a pack of Wolf Cubs were represented in the parade for the occasion, the formation being a semicircle.
   Mr. Waldegrave was introduced by the Hon. Dr. R.H.Kotewall, C.M.G., LL.D., President of the Scouts Association. The authorisation, signed by the Chief Scout, Lt. General Sir Robert Baden Powell, was read by Dr. Kotewall, as follows:-
   "This certificate is granted to the Rev. G.T.Waldegrave, M.A., Commissioner and Deputy Camp Chief for Hong Kong as evidence that I have awarded him the honorary Silver Wolf in recognition of his most excellent services on behalf of the Scout movement."

"Mark of Distinction."

   His Excellency said:-
   Mr. Waldegrave,- Upon the unanimous recommendation of the Members of Council of the Hong Kong Branch of the Boy Scouts' Association, in whose opinion I heartily concurred, the Chief Scout, Sir Robert Baden Powell, has awarded you the order of the "Silver Wolf," which is the highest mark of distinction in his gift.
   Your connection with Boy Scouts dates from December, 1908, when you became the Scoutmaster of the 3rd Sherborne (Dorset) Troop. Later you were Scoutmaster of the 5th Cambridge (Perse School) Troop and of the 102nd Midland (Birmingham Parish Church Troop). You were also representative of the Birmingham Central Scout "Division" on the Executive Committee of the Birmingham Scout Association. In 1915 you were co-founder with Baron F. van Pallandt of the Scout Officers' Trading Corps in the Internment Camp at Groningen, Holland. During 1917 and 1918 you ran the Sea Scout Patrol in connection with the Sea Scout Messengers at Lowestoft Naval Base. Since October, 1921, you have been Commissioner of Boy Scouts in Hong Kong.

   You have rendered splendid service to the Association for almost twenty years and you have thoroughly earned the distinction now given you by the Chief Scout.

Dr. Kotewall's Speech.

   Dr. Kotewall said that it had been his privilege to be associated with Mr. Waldegrave for a number of years and Mr. Waldegrave's sagacity, tact and devotion to duty had filled him with admiration. By his long and meritorious service in the Scout movement and by his services rendered to the Colony as Commissioner, he has earned the high honour which had been granted by the Chief Scout. The award of the Silver Wolf to Mr. Waldegrave had given the greatest pleasure to the Association and on its behalf he tendered hearty congratulations to him.
   His Excellency ordered "hats on staves" and three cheers were given for the Commissioner.

Mr. Waldegrave's Reply.

   Mr. Waldegrave, thanking His Excellency and Dr. Kotewall, said he felt that his greatest reward
had been the immense pleasure he had found in the movement and the great friendships he had been able to form in various parts of the world. What had been accomplished had only been done by the hard work of the others in the movement. He had found that the case both in Hong Kong and in other parts of the world where Scouting was taken up.
   Without minimising the admiration he felt for the European Scoutmasters he could not but express his admiration for the Chinese Scoutmasters who by taking up the movement had brought Chinese boyhood into line with boys in other parts of the world.

New Secretary.

   At the conclusion, cheers were called for His Excellency.
   Prior to the presentation, H.E. the Governor (who was accompanied by Captain A.J.L. Whyte, A.D.C.) inspected the Scouts and Cubs on parade.
   Mr. Waldegrave presented Mr. J.A.Worswick, the new secretary of the Association, who was sworn in, and His Excellency placed the badge on Mr. Worswick's buttonhole.
   Those present include H.E. the G.O.C. (Maj. General C.C. Luard C.B., C.M.G.), Sir Henry Gollan (Chief Justice), the Hon. Sir Shou-son Chow, Commodore J.L.Pearson, C.M.G., R.N., Mr. Ho Kom-tong, O.B.E., Mr. R.E.Lindsell, Lt. Col. L.G.Bird, Lt. Col. T.A.Robertson.

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