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The China Mail.

Hongkong, Saturday, April 13, 1929.

No. 27,152
Page 11



   Mr. C.H.Blason of Messrs. Butterfield & Swire, who terminates residence in the Colony since December 26, 1898, left for Home today on the s.s. "Naldera."
   In 1922 Mr. Blason became Hon. Treasurer of the Boy Scouts Association and last year he was appointed Assistant Commissioner. For a time he was editor of the "Silver Wolf."
   Shortly after arriving in the Colony, he joined the "A" Company of the Volunteers under Captain Saunders. During the War Mr. Blason was a Lieutenant in the Corps.
   Riding, rowing, walking and photography were among his recreations. He was hon. treasurer of the Hong Kong Boat Club which became amalgamated with the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club of which Mr. Blason was Hon. Treasurer and a member of the site selection committee.


Gymkhana Enthusiasts

   In 1910 Mr. Blason was elected hon. secretary of the Gymkhana Club, being in charge of what are now known as the extra race meetings - until the Gymkhana became unknown at Happy Valley. In 1923 Mr. Blason was Clerk of the Course of the Jockey Club.
   The pioneer of Shek O, Mr. Blason has lived there from February, 1921, being there a year and a half before the next resident.
   In 1926 Mr. Blason was nominated an Unofficial Justice of the Peace.
   His sterling worth and upright character will cause him to be long remembered in Hong Kong, "Whatever Blason undertook he carried out more than conscientiously and unobtrusively," says one who knows him.

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