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The Hongkong Telegraph.

Monday, July 1, 1929.
香港英七月一號 禮拜一

No 22,817
Page 10



   An impressive ceremony was witnessed at the Roman Catholic Cathedral yesterday, when His Lordship Bishop Valtorta conferred a blessing on the troop flag of the Catholic Cathedral Boy Scouts.
   The ceremony took place at the conclusion of the morning service, and was attended by a large section of the public, as well as by the Scouts.
   In a short address prior to the blessing, the Rev. Father Parisotti told the Scouts that the ceremony of blessing a Scout flag was a most important one.
   "In the army," he said, "the colours and standards of a regiment are its proudest possessions, and are sacred things. They are symbols of all that is noble, finest and highest in military service.
   "In the Navy, the most sacred thing about the ship is the ensign that flies at the stern. It is a symbol of all the courage, loyalty and self sacrifice imprisoned in that ship.
   "Any boy who tries to carry out the Scout's promise is a perfect man," continued Father Parisotti. "When you take up scouting there is only one ambition you should have, and that is to be the best Scout."
   At the conclusion of Father Parisotti's address, the Bishop, imposing in his full robes, and carrying his mitre, blessed the flag and received the Scout salute from the troop.

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