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Hongkong Sunday Herald.

Hongkong, Sunday, August 4, 1929.

中華民國十八年 歲次己巳年 六月廿九日

Vol. VI. No. 283.
Page 8


The Chief Scout

   No doubt there are many persons in this Colony, boys and girls, men and women, who are justly proud to hear that H.M. the King has bestowed a barony on the Chief Scout, Sir Robert Baden Powell, on the very appropriate occasion of the Scout Jamboree being held. Sir Robert, or rather Lord Robert, has, taking into consideration the fact that 32 parts of the British Empire and 40 countries are represented at the Jamboree, achieved something of which to be proud, and that something is a huge step in the ladder leading to World Peace and brotherly concord. Such before has never been achieved, and these 50,000 boys of diverse nations, when they grow into manhood, will not forget that they each and all are a small link in the chain of brotherhood - weak when separated, strong when united. All connected with the movement in Hong Kong, would like to honour Lord Baden Powell in some way. Could not a Church Parade be held, in which every Scout and Girl Guide of every Troop and Company can participate, be held? - unless the question of religion would make such an impossibility. On the other hand, could not a Jamboree in the form of a gathering on the Happy Valley race course be a possibility? A grand March Past, terminated by the Hong Kong "Yell," would indeed be a fitting tribute. The idea (others, no doubt, may have better) may be worth while considering by those in authority here. It would be worth while to see 20 troops of the Colony (with the Girl Guides, Brownies and Wolf Cubs) gathered together in honour of the Chief Scout.

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