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The Hongkong Telegraph.

Thursday, August 8, 1929.
香港英八月八號 禮拜四

No 22,858
Page 11



   The recently formed 16th Hongkong Group (Catholic Cathedral) Boy Scouts celebrated their inauguration by the holding of an enjoyable concert at St. Patrick's Club last night, at which there were present the Commissioner, Rev. G.T.Waldegrave, and Fr. Byrne, S.J., who is Vice President of the Troop.
   The programme opened with a piano duet by Fr. Riganti and Prof. Gualdi. Mr. G.A.d'Aquino then followed with a song, and responding to the warm applause given, gave an encore. He was followed on to the stage by Mr. J.Braga, who gave two violin selections which were much enjoyed. Mr. M.F.Baptista contributed a comic song, entitled "The photo of the girl I left behind me."
   The Scouts appeared in a number of exercises which evidently had been carefully prepared. A number of vocal items by Fr. Gallagher, S.J., brought the first half of the programme to a close.
   Before the interval, Fr. Byrne was called upon to speak in the absence of Fr. Parisotti, who is President of the Troop. Fr. Byrne spoke on the aims of the Scout movement, and in referring to several blanks left in the programme by the non appearance of the band, voiced a gentle protest that it should have been left to him to fill such deficiency by making a speech (laughter). On behalf of the visitors he thanked the 16th Troop for the enjoyable entertainment they provided.

   The second half of the programme included a piano duet by Fr. Riganti and Professor Gualdi, and a sketch in which members of the 16th Troop, assisted by the 3rd Hongkong (1st Central Rovers) Crew, distinguished themselves.
   The thanks of the troop are extended to the British American Tobacco Company, Messrs. A.S.Watson and Co., Messrs. Ruttonjee and Sons, and other firms for gifts and donations towards the funds.

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