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The China Mail.

Hongkong, Wednesday, December 30, 1931.

No. 27,992
Page 6



Commissioner's Talk to Rotarians.


   The Rev. G.T.Waldegrave, Commissioner of Boy Scouts, was the speaker at the tiffin of the Rotary Club, yesterday when he gave an interesting talk on the Movement.

   He said that the biggest results here were seen among the Chinese boys. He thought that it was a great tribute to the Chief Scout and the Chinese because it meant grafting Western ideas on Eastern minds. He also made a suggestion that the Rotary Club might be able to assist the Movement locally by finding an Hon. Secretary, as this is the chief difficulty here.

   The Chairman reported that he visited Blake Gardens last Wednesday and presented the shield to the winning team of the School Basketball League. The space in the garden laid out by the Rotary Club was large enough for two courts. He said that the garden itself looked like a refuse dump and the entrances were in a very bad condition, and suggested that Government might be requested to send a little money to make the place look respectable.

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