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The China Mail.

Hongkong, Tuesday, May 24, 1932.

No. 28,115
Page 7


Impressive Ceremony at Queen Victoria Statue.

   A short and simple, but nevertheless impressive ceremony, took place at the Queen Victoria Statue in the centre of Statue Square at 10.30 this morning, when Sea Scouts and Girl Guides of the Colony laid a basket of flowers at the foot of the Statue.
   The contingent of Sea Scouts were under the command of the Rev. G.T.Waldegrave, Commissioner and Deputy Camp Chief of the Boy Scout Association, while the Guides, all Chinese, in their picturesque native uniforms, were under Mrs. T.H.King, who was in the uniform of a Girl Guide Officer.
   Among those present at the ceremony were the Hon. Sir Henry Pollock, K.C., the Hon. Mr. W.E.L.Shenton, the Hon. Dr. S.W.Ts'o, and the A.D.C. of His Excellency the Officer Administering the Government.
   The Scouts and Guides formed up outside the Supreme Court and marched to the front of the Queen Victoria Statue where they halted and turned to face the Statue. Then a Guide Officer and a Sea Scout Patrol Leader carried the flower basket between them up the steps and deposited it at the foot of the Statue.
   They then saluted and returned to the ranks, whereupon the contingents were marched away to Queen's Pier where they were dismissed.
   When people arrived for the ceremony it was seen that some unknown person had arrived before the hour fixed and deposited a beautiful wreath of white dowers to which no card was attached.

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