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Hongkong Daily Press.

Hongkong, Wednesday, May 25, 1932.
英壹仟玖佰卅弍年伍月弍拾伍日 禮拜叁

No. 23,033

Page 10



   Over three hundred Scouts and Cubs were present at the "Empire Day Rally," yesterday, in the grounds of Flagstaff House the official residence of H.E. the General Commanding the Forces.
   The Scouts presented a fine spectacle when paraded in hollow square. Commissioner, the Rev. G.T.Waldegrave, M.A., was in charge, ably assisted by Rev. N.V.Halvard and Mr. S.A.Sweet.
   At 3.15 H.E. Major General J.W.Sandilands, C.B., C.M.G., D.S.O., arrived, and inspected the parade. Following this he presented the Prince of Wales Banner to last year's winners, namely, the 1st Hong Kong Troop of Sea Scouts; the Taylor Swimming Cup to the 14th Hong Kong Pack of Wolf Cubs; and a Letter of Commendation to Patrol Leader Johnson Kong (7th Kowloon Troop), for services rendered at a fire at Woo Sun, on October 27, last year.
   The "Swearing in" of the new 5th Hong Kong was a very interesting item on the programme.
   Warrants were presented by Commissioner Waldegrave, to the following:-
   (1) Miss Rhodes (C.M.), 14th H.K. Wolf Cubs.
   (2) Lang Lai (A.S.M.), 13th H.K. Scouts.
   (3) Leung Ying Fai (A.S.M.), 3rd Kowloon Scouts.
   (4) Lee Ching Yiu (A.S.M.), "Queen's College Scouts."

   His Excellency the General, in his address to the Scouts said, that be fully realised what a wonderful organization the Scout movement was in Hong Kong and what fine work had been done by Mr. Waldegrave and his assistants.
   Empire Day commemorated the birth of Queen Victoria, who ruled England for 65 years. To Lord Meath we owed the origin of Empire Day, his idea being to promote good citizenship among British youth, rather than the sentiment that "the Empire now comes into its own!"
   This, of course, was the basis of the Scout movement - to train boys to become better and more worthy citizens than their predecessors.

   Not all the boys present were British, but the great thing was that the good fellowship of the Scout movement should be spread all over the world, and in this Hong Kong were playing its part.
   In concluding the General said: "I open my grounds to the Scouts, with the greatest of pleasure and trust you will enjoy your time here." (Applause.)
   Dr. R.H.Kotewall, C.M.G., President of the Hong Kong Branch of the Boy Scout Association, then thanked H.E. the General for his hospitality, and finally called for three cheers for their Host. These were heartily given.
   The rest of the afternoon was spend in scout games, under the leadership of the Commissioner. There was an interval for refreshments, kindly provided by H.E. the G.O.C., at which the Scouts got even more than they could eat!
   At the end of the proceedings the Rev. G.T.Waldegrave, again thanked the General for his kindness and called for three hearty cheers, which were given in the real "Scouty" way.

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