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The China Mail.

Hongkong, Saturday, June 25, 1932.

No. 28,143
Page 13


Patrols' Standing in Competition.

   Patrol Competition: In the Barnes Cup Competition the Kangaroos are leading by three points to date. The position stands as follows: Kangaroos 227; Lions 224; Swifts 193; Eagles 134.
   Public Health: St. Andrew's Troop have a few boys working for this badge and Mr. J.I.Barnes has kindly commented to give his assistance in this most important subject.
   Rescuer's Badge: Also claims the attention of the troop. It was hoped to have had practice on last Sunday afternoon at Tai Wan, but owing to the weather it was postponed.
   First Class Swimming and Swimmer's Badge. As soon as an examiner is available there are a number of boys most anxious to obtain First Class Badges before the Troop birthday celebrations in September.
   Rope spinning is in evidence in the Troop. Is it that this will be included in the display in September when the troop celebrates its birthday? P.L. Fred Wong is slowly getting the knack of it. Mr. Pockson is the local expert, while Robert Chan, of the Sea Scouts has mastered the art well.

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