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The China Mail.

Hongkong, Monday, September 26, 1932.

No. 28,222
Page 1 & 7


Impressive Ceremony At St. Andrew's.

   Marking the 12th anniversary of the 1st Kowloon Troop of Boy Scouts, the annual parade service for Scouts, Girl Guides, Wolf Cubs and Brownies was held in St. Andrew's Church, Kowloon, yesterday morning. There was a full congregation present, the service being conducted by the Rev. G.E.S.Upsdell, M.A., Hon. C.F. The first lesson was read by Scoutmaster R.Dormer, while the second lesson was read by Assistant Scoutmaster R.H.Wong.
   Representatives from the Sea Scouts, Kowloon Scottish Scouts and St. Andrew's Wolf Cubs were present, as well as guides from the Central British School, Diocesan Girls' School, Chinese guides, and the 2nd Kowloon Pack of Brownies.

   During the singing of the processional hymn "Glorious things," which opened the service, Colours of all Troops present were marched up the aisle, immediately after the full choir.

Promises Renewed.

   Prior to the sermon, the Scouts, under the leadership of Mr Dormer, the Girl Guides, under Miss A.Owen Hughes, the Cubs, under Miss M.D.White and the Brownies, under Miss Cousens, all renewed their Promises. The ceremony was most impressive.
   Basing his sermon on the text, "Be ye faithful even unto death," the Vicar (Rev. W.Walton Rogers) reminded the congregation of the valuable work that had been and was being done by the Scout Guide movements. It was everybody's duty to find out what they were doing and what they stood for. Loyalty, he said, was the crust of the whole movement, without which there could be no progress. Loyalty to god, home and nation was essential.
   The Colours were brought back from the Sanctuary, and the service closed with the singing of the National Anthem.

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