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Hongkong Daily Press.

Hongkong, Monday, October 10, 1932.
英壹仟玖佰卅弍年拾月拾日 禮拜壹

No. 23,151

Page 7



   There was a large gathering of Cubs and Scouts at the Victoria Recreation Club on Saturday afternoon on the occasion of the Boy Scouts' Annual Swimming Sports, after which H.E. the General Officer Commanding (Major General J.W.Sandilands, C.B., C.M.G., D.S.O.) was presented with a "Thanks Badge," as a token of appreciation of his help to the movement in Hong Kong.
   This badge, which is the highest token of thanks which the Association can offer, will presented by the Commissioner (the Rev. G.T.Waldegrave), with a letter from Lord Baden Powell, the Chief Scout. In making the presentation Mr. Waldgrave said, "In His Excellency, the General, all children in Hong Kong have a good friend. The Girl Guides had their day yesterday when their headquarters were opened; we had our day on Empire Day when we were entertained at Flagstaff House." The Commissioner then reminded all Scouts that on seeing this badge being worn by the General at any time, they would be obliged to go up to him, salute and ask if they could be of any service to him.

The Colony's Most Notable Bachelor.

   The Hon. Dr. R.H.Kotewall, C.M.G., president of the local Association, said:- "This badge is a mark of appreciation for what His Excellency has done for the Scout movement in this Colony. His deep interest in Girl Guides was proved by the opening of the 'Sandilands Hut' on Friday. His Excellency is certainly the most notable bachelor in the Colony, but in spite of this he can claim to have the Iargest family in Hong Kong." (Cheers.) Dr. Kotewall continued "Thousands look to His Excellency as a foster father, and I think you must all agree that it is a great pity he is not married. His goodwill and humour would, I am sure, make him an excellent husband and a loving father. In giving this badge we offer our appreciation to a noble man and good friend."

The General's Reply.

   The General in reply said: "I would like to thank all responsible for the good time I've enjoyed at the sports this afternoon, and I must say ‘thank you’ for the badge which I deeply appreciate, more especially as it is an unexpected gift. I often wish I had done more for the Boy Scouts but as you know my spare time is pretty much taken up.
   "When I first came to Hong Kong, your friends the Girl Guides quickly recognised a poor unprotected man and once in their clutches I never got away. I have noticed at recent gatherings that all refer to the 'bachelor' and I hear many of these guides would be very pleased to marry me. (Applause.)
   "We live in great expectation at Flagstaff House. Every letter is suspected of containing a proposal, but so far none have come along. I would remind the ladies that less than three months remain. I embark on or about December 31, so they had better hurry up! (Applause.) In closing I again extend my thanks to the Boy Scouts for their kindness and for this little badge." (Applause.)
   The Commissioner then called on the Scouts to express their feelings towards the G.O.C. in song, and the great hall echoed to the tune of "For he's a jolly good fellow," after which three hearty Scouty cheers and a "Tiger" were given for His Excellency.

The Sports.

   The sides of V.R.C. swimming bath were gaily decked with flags and bunting; and a large number of supporters from various groups were present long before the events were due to start.
   No less than three records were broken and many exciting finishes were witnessed. Shek Kam Pui did exceedingly well in winning the 50 yards champ., the 100 yards champ. and 50 yards backstroke. In the two latter events he established records by doing the 100 yards in 63.4/5 sec. and the 50 yards backstroke in 34.3/5 secs., so beating the previous records of A.May and Chau Sui Kam respectively, in 1922 and 1931 by 6.1/5 secs. and 2.3/5 secs.

   The Inter Troop Team Race was an easy win for the Sea Scouts, who broke their previous record of 83.2/5 secs. by finishing in 52 secs. The real race was for second and third place. The whole assembly apparently were crazy with excitement for a few moments; 1st Hong Kong Troop winning second place by a mere touch from the 9th Kowloon Dock Troop.
   The Wolf Cub events were no less exciting, in fact if possible the Cubs were more noisy than their elder brothers, the Scouts. The Akela Cup, presented to the Pack with the highest number of points was awarded to the 14th Hong Kong (V.B.S.) Pack, who won all four cub events on the programme. The Wolf Cub Inter Pack Relay Race was a popular event, and was won by the 14th H.K. Pack followed by the 4th H.K. (Murray) Pack.
   After the sport an excellent tea was served to all present by the Scouts, after which the Scouts, Cubs and visitors assembled in the V.R.C. Hall for the presentation of certificates and Challenge Cups by H.E. the General Officer Commanding.

Officials Thanked.

   Before the presentations, the Commissioner (Rev. G.T.Waldegrave) expressed his thanks to the secretary and committee of the V.R.C. for the use of the swimming bath and the club premises. Mr. Waldegrave pointed out the advantage of securing the same bath year after year for the sports as it kept the records clear and regular. He also thanked the judges, the referee and other officials, especially those who came along and worked so hard at the heats last Wednesday.
   His Excellency the General then presented the cups and certificates. The Bird Challenge Cup was awarded to the 1st Sea Scout Troop for obtaining the aggregate number of marks. The 9th Kowloon (Dock) were runners up and were presented with the President's Cup. These cups were presented for these purposes by the Hon. Mr. H.W.Bird in 1926 and by the Hon. Dr. R.H.Kotewall, respectively. The Akele Cup presented by the Commissioner was awarded to the 14th H.K. Pack. These three cups are held for one year.
   After the presentation of prizes, warrants were presented to Mr. Dormer (District Scout Master, 1st Kowloon), Chak Ho Kar (Asst. Scout Master, 8th H.K.), Wong Kei Chung (Asst. Scout Master to Sea Scouts).


   The following are the results of the sports:-
   25 Yards Junior Cub Race:- 1, A.Dick (14th H.K.), 22.1/5 secs.; 2, T.Cochrane (14th H.K.).
   30 Yards Senior Champ:- 1, Shek Kam Pui (S.S.), 27.3/5 secs.; 2, J.Sharpham (S.S.); 3, W.Jor (S.S.).
   25 Yards Senior Cub Race:- 1, D.Wilson (14th H.K.), 18.3/5 secs.; 2, E.Stone (14th H.K.); 3, H.Farmer (4th H.K.).
   50 Yards Junior Back:- 1, N.Lee (5K.), 51 secs.; 2. Lau Chak Po (8th H.K.); 3, W.Henderson (1K.).
   Wolf Cub Inter Pack Relay:- 1, 14th Hong Kong (V.B.S.) Pack; 2, 4th Hong Kong (Murray) Pack.
   100 Yards Senior Champ:- 1, Shek Kam Pui (S.S.), 63.4/5 secs.; 2, Cheung King To (S.S.), 3, J.Sharpham (S.S.).
   Junior Scouts Diving:- 1, K.Carroll (4th H.K.); 2, A.Mitchell (9th K.); 3, J.Mitchell (1K.).
   Wolf Cub Diving:- 1, E.Stone (14th H.K.); 2, D.Wilson (14th H.K.).
   Life Saving Race:- 1, Lai Lok Sin (S.S.), 61 secs.; 2, W.Jor (S.S.).
   50 Yards Junior Champ:- 1, Yuen Chi Kok (8th H.K.) 2, A.Ablong (2nd H.K.); 3, K.Carroll (4th H.K.).
   Scouts, Cubber, Rovers and Deep Sea Scouts 50 Yards:- 1, E.Chan (29.2/5 secs.); 2, R.Marquis.
   50 Yards Senior Back:- 1, Shek Kam Pui (S.S.), 34.3/5 secs.; 2, Lai Lok Sin (S.S.); 3, Lai Pun Sin (S.S.).
   Senior Diving:- 1, L.Phillips (9th K.); 2, J.Sharpham (S.S.); 3, R.Phillips (9th K.)
   Rover, Scouts and Deep Sea Scouts 100 Yards:- 1, R.Chan, 1 min. 25.2/5 secs; 2, E.Marquis.
   Inter Troop Team Relay:- 1, Sea Scouts, 82 secs.; 2, 1st Hong Kong Troop; 3, 9th Kowloon.

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