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The Hongkong Telegraph.

Monday, February 20, 1933.
香港英二月二十號 禮拜一


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   A high degree of efficiency was revealed in the report of the Inspector of Schools, Mr. A.R.Sutherland, regarding the work at St. Joseph's College, Kennedy Road, as quoted in the Rev. Brother Director's report read on Saturday morning, on the occasion of the annual distribution of prizes.
   Bishop Valtorta distributed the awards, the function being of a private nature.
Rev. Bro. Matthias, in opening the proceedings, said.- It is my pleasant duty this morning to welcome your Lordship to the College and to thank you for having consented to preside at this private function.
   Reading the school report, the Brother Director said:
   The average enrollment during the Scholastic year ending December 31st, 1932, was 690, the daily attendance 653, giving a percentage attendance of 95%. We reduced our numbers by nearly a hundred on the preceding year. Boys are now admitted only with difficulty into the Remove and Upper Classes and we adhere strictly to the requirements of the Education Code regarding the age limit for Classes 7 and 8. Greater efficiency in the class room calls for these restrictions in the matter of admissions.
   Mr. Sutherland spent three days in examining the various classes. In his report he says, "During my inspection I spent about half an hour in each of the 19 classes and found the work very satisfactory. All written work was good and carefully corrected but composition in some classes showed much similarity. More oral Composition should be taught. Reading is good but it still lacks expression. Colloquial has improved in the Chinese Divisions, but their pronunciation requires constant attention. Mathematics are well taught. The school is very efficient."

The Scout Troops.

   Our Scouts, the 1st. Hongkong, showed up well during the year. At the Annual Scouts' Swimming Sports we came second in the open relay. The Rev. Waldegrave gave us every encouragement and much thanks are due to Mr. B.M.Talati, Hugh Braga and C.Dragon for the help they gave during the year. Mr. Cheow Cheang took over charge of the Troop on the transfer of Mr. C.Dragon to La Salle College.
   We had to refuse many applications to our Boarding Department. Its popularity is mainly due to the indefatigable zeal of the Brothers Prefects and the spirit of study and discipline that prevails in the school as a whole.
   In particular I wish to record my special appreciation of the whole hearted cooperation of our Assistant Masters with the Brothers in the various activities of the School whether internal or external. Special mention must be made of Mr. Hugh Asome for having in conjunction with our Sports Master brought our cricket eleven to its present very creditable standing.

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