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The China Mail.

Hongkong, Monday, September 25, 1933.

No. 28,530
Page 7


Entertainment At St. Paul's College.

   The Grand Concert given at the St. Paul's Girls' College on Saturday night in aid of the funds of the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides was a splendid success and fully realised the expectations of the organisers, the Rev. N.V.Halward and Miss Zimmern, Guide mistress of St. Paul's College.
   The programme consisted of songs by the 2nd Hong Kong Company Girl Guides and the 10th Hong Kong Troop Boy Scouts, exhibitions of boxing and first aid methods, a solo dance by Miss Stella Ho and a black face item by the "Ten Little Nigger Girls", followed by a  play, "That's You", written by one of the Scouts of the 10th Hong Kong Troop and produced by the Scouts without adult assistance; after which a performance of the Cheero Band and a vocal contribution by Mr. G.D'Aquino brought the first half of the entertainment to a close.
   The second half of the programme consisted of two more items by the Cheero Band, an exhibition of illuminated club swinging by Mr. E.F.Selk, another dance by Miss Ho and items by the Scouts and Guides, all of which were received with hearty applause. Rev. G.T.Waldegrave, the Scout Commissioner, expressed thanks to the organisers, the 10th Troop Boy Scouts and the St. Paul's College Guides, and also appealed to those interested in both movements to come forward and lend their services as officers. Both movements were very much in need of officers, and classes of training would be opened for Guide officers at the Sandiland's Hut as from today.

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