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The Hongkong Telegraph.

Saturday, February 24, 1934.
香港英二月廿四號 禮拜六


No 14234
Page 16



   A distance of 92 miles from Shumchun to Canton, following the railway track, has been covered by a group of scouts of the 10th Hongkong Pack and 1st Hongkong Sea Scouts under the guidance of the Rev. N.V.Halward, the popular Assistant Commissloner.
   The party took three days and two nights to cover the journey. All, however, did not complete the trek, and of the original party of 16 only seven, including Mr. Halward, reached their destination on Wednesday night.
   The first day, full kit was carried and this combined with the heat of day was enough to melt the ardour of even the most stout hearted. As Mr. Halward remarked, "It was jolly hot, but well worth it." One by one, members of the party dropped out at the various stations, the rest leaving with them as much of the gear as it was possible to do without.
   On arrival, the hikers were given a great welcome by the Canton Scouts and officials.

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