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Hongkong Daily Press.

Hongkong, Thursday, April 5, 1934.
英壹仟玖佰卅肆年肆月伍日 禮拜肆

No. 23,608

Page 7


Departure Of Commissioner And President's Retirement

   Presiding at the annual meeting of the Hong Kong Branch of the Boy Scouts Association, His Excellency the Governor (Sir William Peel) as Chief Scout, commended the work of the local movement and appealed for funds to clear the overdraft incurred in connection with the Saiwan Camp.
   The impending departure of the Commissioner (the Rev. G.T.Waldegrave), the retirement of the Hon. Dr. R.H.Kotewall from the position of President which he had held for eight years, and an invitation to local Scouts from Australia in connection with the visit of the Chief Scout, Lord Baden Powell, were referred to at the meeting.


   The meeting was held at Sandilands Hut.
   His Excellency was met by Dr. Kotewall (President), the Rev. G.T.Waldegrave (Commissioner), and other members, and proceeded to perform the ceremony of presenting the Prince of Wales' Banner to the No. 10 (St. Paul's College) Hong Kong Troop, the winner in last year's competition. His Excellency was supported by Lady Southorn, Commissioner of the Girl Guides.
   In the course of his speech which he prefaced with the intimation of his departure shortly, the Rev. G.T.Waldegrave, the Commissioner stressed the help he received in particular from the Assistant Commissioner, the Rev. N.V.Halward, Mr. Champkin, Col. Robertson, Mr. Christian, Mr. A.White, Mr. S.Mitchell, Mr. Wayman and others who in different ways had loyally done their bit, and to these gentlemen he expressed his sincere thanks.
   He also recalled the services rendered by Sir Henry Pollock, Sir Henry Gollan, Sir Joseph Kemp, and Sir William Shenton, and referred with regret to the retirement of Dr. Kotewall from his office as President of the Association.
   The Commissioner referred with gratitude to the interest taken by His Excellency the Governor and Lady Peel, remarking that by the kindly nature of that interest a fatherly and motherly touch had been given to humanise the more formal inspections and parades which His Excellency from time to time had been good enough to hold.

Steady Development

   After the Commissioner had closed his address, His Excellency commented on the report as being both interesting and eminently satisfactory, the Hong Kong Branch of the Association having steadily developed from year to year until it had reached a very high standard indeed. His Excellency attribute this to the work of the Commissioner, which has been closely associated with the development of the local movement.
   His Excellency spoke of the imperial and international aspects of the movement. To this he added a third, that of the family aspect which it was sought to develop also between the two branches of the local movement.
   After thanking the Commissioner and the Chief Scout for their kind references to his work, Dr. Kotewall said that he was relinquishing his office as President with a certain amount of relief, but mingled also with a feeling of genuine regret, for he would miss the amiable association of the active workers from the Commissioner downwards. He referred to the great advancement made during his eight years of office, the result of combined energy and good work of the officers and committees, and above all the Commissioner, the Rev. G.T.Waldegrave, who has been the fibre of the Association, and had endowed it with his example and ideals.

Saiwan Camp Debt

   After further reference to the good work done by the Commissioner in turning the boyhood of the Colony into useful citizens, the President said that one way to demonstrate appreciation was to make a special endeavour to raise at least $6,000 in order to liquidate the debt contracted in the purchase of the Saiwan Training Camp site before the Commissioner leaves.
   In closing the President wished the Association ever increasing success.
   Dr. Kotewall's retirement from office was marked by the presentation of a memento.
   The Vice President, Mr. E.Cock, was elected to the position of President.

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