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The Hongkong Telegraph.

Monday, April 30, 1934.
香港英四月三十號 禮拜一


No 14287
Page 12



   The first of a series of three Boy Scouts' rallies for the Prince of Wales' Banner was held in the grounds and premises of Sandiland's Hut on Saturday afternoon, nearly two hundred boys, representing eleven troops, participating. The next rally will be held in the autumn and the third test will be the camp competition.
   The Rev. G.T.Waldegrave, Commissioner and Deputy Camp Chief of the Hongkong Boy Scouts' Association, took charge and was assisted by the Rev. N.V.Halward, M.C., Assistant Commissioner, and Scouters, Mr. E.Cock, M.B.E., President of the Boy Scouts' Association, was also present.
   Mr. H.R.Hertslet, District Commissioner for the Perak Boy Scouts' Association and Assistant Commissioner for Malaya, took part in the rally, being examiner of the knotting tests. Other judges for ambulance, Scouts' pace, weight judging and troop contest were Mrs. Poxon, Deep Sea Rover Scout Barter, and Deep Sea Scouts Brent and Vauter. Prior to the troop contest, which was the principal item on the programme, tea was served.
   Sixteen boys from each troop were divided into parties of four for the troop contest, which included tests of touch, smell and hearing.
   At the conclusion of rally, the Deputy Camp Chief thanked everyone for turning out to the rally, which was his Iast, as he was leaving for Home in August. He mentioned that the Rev. Mr. Halward was to be lent to Canton for three nights a week for the next six months, in order to teach the Canton Scout Masters the right way to carry on the Scouting movement in Canton. He announced that, on his retirement, the Rev. Mr. Halward would become the Commissioner for Hongkong.
   The following troops participated: 1st. Hongkong (Sea Scouts), 1st. Hongkong (St. Joseph's College), 2nd. Hongkong, 4th Murray, 7th. Hongkong (King's College), 10th. Hongkong (St. Paul's College), 15th. Hongkong (Wah Yan College), 1st. Kowloon (St. Andrew's), 11th, Kowloon (Wah Yan Branch School), 5th. Kowloon (Roving Fifth), and 6th. Kowloon (Diocesan Boys' School). The newly formed 4th. Kowloon (Garrison) troop were present as spectators.
   Sandiland's Hut, the headquarters of the Hongkong Girl Guides' Association, was kindly loaned to the Boy Scouts by their sister association.

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