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Hongkong Daily Press.

Hongkong, Monday, September 3, 1934.
英壹仟玖佰卅肆年玖月叁日 禮拜壹

No. 23739

Page 11


Millington's Wins Aggregate

   Some exciting finishes were witnessed at the St. Andrew's Scout Troop Swimming sports held at the European Y.M.C.A. Bath on Saturday afternoon.
   Swifts won the Inter Patrol Championship with a substantial margin of 18 points from the Eagles, while the Kangaroos and the Lions tied for third place.
   The entries were many, H.Millington being the outstanding swimmer with two firsts and a third place, besides being mainly responsible for winning the Inter Patrol Relay by a touch from S.Lee of the Kangaroos.
   In the Junior 50 Yards Breast Stroke, V.Gunsen (Eagles) had little or no opposition at all and won comfortably by a good 10 yards. The second place however produced a thrilling duel which eventually resulted in W.Newell (Swifts), securing the place by a touch from R.Taylor (Lions).
   In the Diving for Plates, W.Hicks did very well to retrieve 10 plates.
   The team race always the most exciting event on the programme, proved to be no exception to the rule and the Swifts swam a magnificent race, to snatch victory as a result of Millington's effort in the last 10 yards of the race.
   Results were:-
   Diving.- 1. Eagles (66 points); 2. Kangaroos (60 1/2 points); 3. Swifts (56 points); 4. Lions (54 points).
   The teams were:
   Eagles.- H.Hicks, V.Gunsen, and G.Arnold.
   Kangaroos.- S.Lee, L. and V.Millington.
   Swifts.- E.Potter, H.Millington, and W.Hicks.
   Lions.- L.Gibson, R.Taylor, and J.Winyard.
   25 Yards Backstroke.- Seniors- 1. H.Millington (Swifts); 2. W.Hicks (Swifts); 3. N.Martin (Lions); 4. H.Hicks (Eagles).
   Time:- 19 4/5 secs.
   Rescuing Race.- 1. Swifts; 2. Lions; 3. Eagles; 4. Kangaroos.
   The teams were:
   Swifts.- F.Winyard, H.Millington, W.Newell, and J.Griffiths.

   Lions.- L.Gibson, D.Randall, R.Taylor and J.Winyard.
   Eagles.- H.Hicks, G.Arnold, C.Leage and V.Gunsen.
   Kangaroos.- S.Lee, P.Engelbrecht, L. and V.Millington.
   50 Yards Dressed.- 1. W.Hicks (Swifts); 2. H.Hicks (Eagles); 3. H.Millington (Swifts); 4. N.Martin (Lions).
   Plate Diving.- 1. Swifts (18 plates); 2. Eagles (16 plates); 3. Kangaroos (11 plates); 4. Lions (9 plates).
   The teams were:
   Swifts.- H.Millington (5), W.Hicks (10), and F.Winyard (3).
   Eagles.- H.Hicks (5), C.Large (3), and G.Arnold (7).
   Kangaroos.- V.Millington (5), L.Millington (1) and F.Engelbrecht (5).
   Lions.- L.Gibson (3), R.Taylor (3), and N.Martin (3).
   25 Yards free style Juniors.- 1. W.Newell (Swifts); 2. C.Large (Eagles); 3. R. Taylor (Lions); 4. D.Randall (Lions).
   Time:- 18 1/5 secs.
   50 Yards free style, Seniors.- I.H.Millington (Swifts); 2. S.Lee (Kangaroos); 3. J.Winyard (Lions); 4. G.Arnold (Eagles).
   Time:- 30 2/5 secs.
   50 Yards Breast Stroke, Juniors.- 1. V.Gunsen (Eagles); 2. W.Newell (Swifts); 3. R.Taylor (Lions); 4. V.Grott (Lions).
   Time:- 48 secs.
   Inter Patrol Relay Race.- 1. Swifts; 2. Eagles; 3. Kangaroos; 4. Lions.
   Time:- 2 mins 48 secs.
   The teams were.
   Swifts.- F.Winyard, E.Potter, W.Hicks and H.Millington.
   Eagles.- P.Dillon, C.Large, G.Arnold and H.Hicks.
   Kangaroos.- L. and V.Millington, P.Engelbrecht and S.Lee.
   Lions.- L.Gibson, N.Martin, D.Randall, and, J.J.Winyard.

Inter Patrol Championship

   1. Swifts 64 points.
   2. Eagles 46 points.
   3. Kangaroos 29 points.
   3. Lions 29 points.

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