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The China Mail.

Hongkong, Saturday, October 6, 1934.

No. 28,849
Page 3


Prominent Local Artistes To Assist

   One of the best Concerts of the season will be presented at the China Fleet Club Theatre on Wednesday October 24 by the Scouts of the 4th Hong Kong (Murray) and 4th Kowloon (Garrison) Troops.
   The programme, which is being produced almost entirely by local artistes, is a model of variety. Every minute will be fully accounted for, and items will follow each other in quick succession.
   The following popular artistes will contribute to the evening's entertainment:- Mr. Victor Sanders, Professor F.Gonzales, Miss Helen and Stella Ho, Rev. J.N.Lewis Bryan, Mrs. Sinclair, Messrs. Grenham and Ferguson, and the talented Quartette of the Lincolnshire Regiment - Messrs. King, Trowt, Kime, and Goble.
   The Scouts themselves will, of course, present a Grand Opening and Close as well as an item in each half.
   The proceeds of the Concert are to be devoted to the funds of the 4th Hong Kong and 4th Kowloon Troops and there is no doubt that they will find little difficulty in filling the Theatre.
   Tickets at $2.- (reserved) and $1.- (unreserved) are now available either from the Scouts or from the Anderson Music Co. Further particulars will be published Iater.

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