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Hongkong Daily Press.

Hongkong, Thursday, October 25, 1934.
英壹仟玖佰卅肆年拾月廿伍日 禮拜肆

No. 23784

Page 7


Scouts Presentation Last Night

   A very successful concert was presented at the China Fleet Club last night when, with the assistance of many talented local artistes, the Fourth Hong Kong (Murray) and the Fourth Kowloon (Garrison) Troop of Boy Scouts, entertained a large gathering.
   The Scouts' Opening which was the first item on the programme was very impressive. Messrs. Ferguson and Grenham were a roaring success with their comedy duet, while the Rev. Lewis Bryan brought the house down with his humorous items. The "nips Quartatte" sang three rollicking songs which drew much applause from the audience. Mrs. Sinclair and Mrs. Saunders contributed songs, and both reached the high standard that we have come to expect of them.
   Professor Gonsalez contributed three violin which were well appreciated.
   The Misses Stella and Ellen Ho contributed a very attractive dance item, the "Skater's Waltz" which proved immensely popular. Miss Ethel Barber was at the piano during the item.
   Scout H.Bunje rendered a couple of good piano solos, while other scouts contributed to the evening's success with their "Shadow Play" while the "Broadcast" item proved extremely witty and provoked much laughter.
   Additional humorous relief was supplied by "Zombie" whose clever step dancing was a great success.
   No account of the concert would be complete without mention of the dance band of the South Wales Borderers who supplied music throughout the entertainment.

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