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The Hongkong Telegraph.

Monday, November 26, 1934.
香港英十一月廿六號 禮拜一


No 14454
Page 7




   At an "At Home" held in the Church grounds on Saturday afternoon, the Rev. J.R.Higgs praised the high standard of efficiency attained by the the St. Andrew's Church Boy Scouts troop.

   The Vicar said he was proud of the Troop, and paid a tribute to the work of the Scoutmasters, Messrs. H.Dormer, R.Wong and F.V.Wong, Mr. Dormer and Mr. R.Wong, he said, would be going shortly on leave, to attend the Jamboree at Melbourne and he asked that the loyal support given by the boys be also extended to Mr. Fred Wong who would be left in charge.

   Mr. Dormer in reply, thanked the Vicar for the nice things said of the Troop, and added that its efficiency was in no small measure due to the cooperation of the members.

   Scout Wally Newell, who is leaving for Home on the troopship Somersetshire, was presented with a book by his fellow scouts.

   During the afternoon, a gymnastic display with Scout exercises was given.

   The Rev. J.R.Higgs won the guests' competition for gentlemen and little Miss Elrige won the ladies' prize.

   Among the many parents and friends present were Mrs. J.R.Higgs, wife of the Vicar, Mr. and Mrs. Engelbrecht, Mrs. Gunson, Mrs. Millington, Mrs. Watson, Mrs. Edmondson, Mrs. Dillon, Mrs. Wong, and the Misses. F. and J.Wong.

   Messrs. H.Dormer and R.Wong are leaving for Australia on the s.s. Tanda on Friday.

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