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The Hongkong Telegraph.

Monday, February 25, 1935.
香港英二月廿五號 禮拜一


No 14525
Page 7



   The first effort of the 1st Hongkong Sea Scouts to give a public entertainment was an unqualified success; and the organiser, Mr. M.W.Scott, Scout Master, should have every reason to be satisfied at the result. The Concert Hall at the Seamen's Institute was filled on Saturday and among those present were Commodore and Mrs. Frank Elliott, Captain Hugill, R.N., Colonel Dowbiggin, Mr. A.W.Watson, R.C.N.C., Mr. A.G.Potter, Rev. C.Brown, the Chaplain of the  Institute and Mrs. Brown, and Rev. N.V.Halward.
   The concert opened with a Camp Fire Scene by the Sea Scouts and sea shanties, led by Patrol Leader Peter Wilson heartily sung. The hornpipe, danced by two Scouts was well done and the Scene as a whole very effective.
   In "Folk Songs Illustrated," the Scouts caused much amusement. Scout Master M.W.Scott sang the Songs, which were acted in dumb show by the Scouts.
   "The Crimson Cocoanut" a one farce by Ian Hay with the scene in a Soho' Restaurant was also well acted. Patrol Leader Peter Wilson, as Robert, a lugubrious waiter, was excellent and caused much merriment at the drollery of his part. Scouts J.Staples, a detective, E.Lum, an anarchist, and H.Sommers, his wife; Scout F.Rodgers as the daughter of Jabstick (a fussy old gentleman well played by Scout Master Scott) fitted the parts well, and their acting was particularly commendable and diverting.
   The individual artists assisting in the concert are all well known locally and each of their items was enthusiastically received. Miss Iris Phelps (solo piano), Mrs. Bruce Wilson, (soprano), Mr. W.J.T.Phelps (tenor), Mr. W.H.Billing (baritone) and Mr. N.Moran (violinist) each had to accord an encore to a well rendered item. Mr. G.H.Ash, humorist, amused the audience with "Frightfully Freddy," given by request, and he also was recalled.

   The D.R.C. Male Voice Party, under the leadership of Mr. Geo Evans, sang several items, perfectly rendered. Their chorus accompaniment to Mr. L.W.Peckham's powerful bass, in "Roll on Ocean" was most impressive; this item was enthusiastically encored and "Deep River" was sung, a negro spiritual, in which the motif, sung by Mr. Peckham, was accompanied by the Party. German's "Rolling down to Rio" and Shaw's "Slumber Song" were also sung by the Male Voice Party, and the old friend "Comrades' Song of Hope" given as an encore.
   The Girls' Glee Party sang "Wonderful Night," (the waltz song from "The Gay Gordons"), with piano and violin accompaniment of Miss Phelps and Mr. N.Moran, and gave also a part song by Rubinstein and a folk song, "Meg Merrilles" by Standford. The latter item was easily their best and had to be repeated.
   Miss Iris Phelps and Mr. C.Dudley Bartlett were the accompanists and the success of a long and varied programme was due in a great measure to their sympathetic playing.
   At the conclusion of the concert, Scout Master M.W.Scott thanked the artists and audience for their assistance in making the effort the complete success it was. The whole of the Sea Scout Troop, the artists and audience sang the National Anthem to bring the concert to an impressive conclusion.

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