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Hongkong Daily Press.

Hongkong, Thursday, May 9, 1935.
英壹仟玖佰卅伍年伍月玖日 禮拜肆

No. 23944

Page 7 & 11


Scouts And Guides Give Fine Display

   The main feature of yesterday's celebrations in connection with the Silver Jubilee was the Jamborally presented by the Scouts and Guides at Happy Valley in the presence of a large and distinguished gathering which included His Excellency the Governor and Lady Peel.
   The function was a brilliant success, the performers putting up a smart display.
   The Dragon and Lantern Processions were continued and as on previous occasions, attracted thousands of spectators who lined the streets hours before they were due to commence.
   The illumination of the city, the Peak, the harbour and the mainland were maintained.
   The illuminations, however, were considerably curtailed, the harbour and the waterfront of Kowloon being unlighted, though lighting of the majority of the buildings in the town and the Peak was maintained.


   It would perhaps be correct to say that never in their history have the Scouts, Guides, Cubs and Brownies given such a brilliant display as the one they presented on the Hong Kong Football Club ground, Happy Valley yesterday when they held a Jamborally in celebration of the Silver Jubilee.
   The display was watched by thousands of interested  spectators, including His Excellency the Governor, Sir William Peel, K.C.M.G., K.B.E., and Lady Peel, and the remarks heard around the field about the "wonderful exhibition" spoke volumes of the efforts of the organisers and performers.
   Among those present were His Excellency Major General O.C.Borrett, Hon. Sir Thomas Southorn, Bishop Valtora, Bishop R.O.Hall and Mrs. Hall, His Honour Mr. A.D.A. MacGregor and Mrs. MacGregor, Lady Margaret, Ho Tung, Hon. Sir William and Lady Shenton, Sir William Hornell, Hon. Dr. and Mrs. R.H.Kotewall, Hon. Mr. T.N.Chau, Mons. H. van der Straeten (Consul General for Belgium) and Madame Straeten, Herr H.Gipperich (Consul General for Germany) and Fraulein Gipperich, M.R.Soulange Teissier (Consul General for France), Mr Justice R.E.Lindsell, Mr. E.Cock, Major C.M.Manners, Hon. Mr. N.L.Smith and Mrs. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Kidzusawa, Col. H.B.L.Dowbiggin, and Mr. Tang Shiu Kin.
   His Excellency the Governor and Lady Peel, who were accompanied by Capt. R.F.Walter, A.D.C. were met on arrival by Lady Southorn, O.B.E. Commissioner of Guides and Rev. N.V.Halward, M.C., Scouts Commissioner. The official party then stood on the platform to watch the march past which was performed with alacrity and smartness and which deservedly won loud applause from the spectators. Over 90 scouts from Macao and the same number from Canton under the leadership of Mr. A.T.Bourges and Mr. Tam respectively, also took part in the parade and they also acquitted themselves creditably.
   It was a delight to watch the tiny Cubs and Brownies respond to the "eyes left" and although, as was naturally expected, they were not in perfect order, they nevertheless won the praise of all those present by  their smart turn out.
   The parade was followed by the playing of the National Anthem and Dipping of Colours, after which the Commissioner called three cheers for His Majesty the King. This was heartily responded to.
   Lady Peel then presented the Guide Colony Standard to Lady Southorn, Colony Commissioner, after which His Excellency the Governor received a Thanks Badge from the hands of Rev. Halward. A similar ceremony was performed by Lady Southom who presented a Thanks Badge to Lady Peel.
   Three cheers were then called for His Excellency and Lady Peel, after which the Wolf Cubs and Brownies gave the Grand Howl.


   Selected scoots holding the Pioneer Badge then gave a display of Bridge Building while in other parts of the field, there were demonstrations of tent pegging, signals, etc. There was also a gymnastic display, and although the others were carried out in an efficient manner, this deserved special mention, for the performers concerned put up such a magnificent exhibition that it compared favourably with those performed by "experts." This was evident by the loud applause.
   A floral pageant was then presented by the Guides and Brownies, and after a flower dance had been given by three separate parties, a beautiful arch was formed in front of the "official" stand. Several girls dressed up as fairies then passed the arch and one of them presented His Excellency with a buttonhole, while Lady Peel received a beautiful album from another.


   This concluded the Jamborally and the spectators left their seats and walked round the field to view the various displays by Scouts and Guides. Life saving at sea was efficiently demonstrated by the Sea Scouts, while the guides revealed their wonderful knowledge in domestics - exhibiting various items concerning, cooking, washing, etc.

   Handicrafts, consisting of an American log hut, a miniature, pagoda, an Indian tent, a relief map of Hong Kong, etc by the Scouts, and beautiful pillows and dolls, etc. by the Guides, were also put on exhibition and these attracted considerable attention and admiration from the spectators.
   Folk dance, singing, skipping, and Chinese acroboats, etc. were also presented by the Guides.
   The display was brought to a spectacular finale when several scouts and guides carrying the words "God Save the King" stood on the Bridge built by the selected scouts in the middle of the field, while the National Anthem was being played.


   Over 600 took part in the Jamborally and these were comprised of:

Scouts and Cubs

   1st Hong Kong Sea Scouts
   1st Hong Kong Group (St. Joseph's College)
   2nd Hong Kong Group (Catholics)
   4th Hong Kong Group (Murray)
   5th Hong Kong Group (Ching Hua College)
   7th Hong Kong Group (King's College)
   10th Hong Kong Group (St. Paul's College)
   11th Hong Kong Group (Peak Pack)
   12th Hong Kong Group (Queen's College)
   13th Hong Kong Group (Central Chinese)
   14th Hong Kong Group (Junior Technical School Pack)
   15th Hong Kong Group (Wah Yan College)
   17th Hong Kong Group (Chun Nan College)
   18th Hong Kong Group (Cheung Chau Government School)
   19th Hong Kong Group (St. Stephen's College)
   1st Kowloon Group (St. Andrew's)
   4th Kowloon Group (Garrisons)
   5th Kowloon Group (Roving Fifth)
   6th Kowloon Group (Diocesan Boys' School)
   7th Kowloon Group (Yuek Chi College)
   8th Kowloon Group (Check Yin College)
   9th Kowloon Group (Dyer's Own)
   10th Kowloon Group (Taipo)
   11th Kowloon Group (Wah Yan College)
   12th Kowloon Group (Wolf Club Pack)
   Deep Sea Scouts Group


   1st Hong Kong Group (Garrison)
   2nd Hong Kong Group (St. Paul's Girls' College)
   3rd Hong Kong Group (Belilios Girls' School)
   4th Hong Kong Group (Belilios Girl's School)
   5th Hong Kong Group (Holy Spirit)
   6th Hong Kong Group (Mui Fong Girls' School)
   1st Kowloon Group (Central British School)
   2nd and 3rd Kowloon Groups (Diocesan Girls' School)
   4th Kowloon Group (Victoria Home)
   5th Kowloon Group (St. Mary's School)
   6th Kowloon Group (Maryknoll Convent), and
   The Macao and Canton Groups.
   The band of the 1st Lincolnshire Regiment rendered appropriate music throughout the display.

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