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The Hongkong Telegraph.

Monday, October 28, 1935.
香港英十月廿八號 禮拜一


No 14727
Page 12



   A 19 year old newspaper hawker, Chan Yau, appeared before Mr. Wynne Jones at the Kowloon Magistracy this morning, being charged on five counts of snatching gold ear rings from different women on various dates between October 8 and 26. He pleaded guilty to the last charge and was sentenced to six months' hard labour with 15 strokes of the birch, or, if found unfit, to serve two months in default.
   Defendant was alleged to have snatched ear rings from Pak Fong, 62, widow, at Peiho Street on October 8; Wu Sam-mui, 45, married woman, at Fuk Wah Street on October 11; Chung Kwai, 44, widow, at Nan Chang Street on October 19; Ko Wong-sze, 59, widow, at Fuk Wing Street, on October 22; and Chan Kin-ming, widow, at Cheungshawan Road on October 26.
   Defendant denied the first four charges, but admitted the last.
   Detective Sub Inspector Poyntz stated that the prosecution would accept defendant's plea and informed the Magistrate that it was at the police station that defendant admitted the thefts, but the police did not have any evidence of the first four charges other than his own admission.
   The last complainant, Chan Kin-ming was walking along the footpath at Cheungshawan Road on Saturday when defendant came up behind her and snatched the ear rings from her ears. When he was caught the ear rings were found in his mouth. Defendant was seen by two Boy Scouts, Lau Ying-yeung and Kong Ham-fuk, who chased and caught him.
   On sentencing defendant who had a previous conviction for larceny, his Worship commended the two Scouts for their action in catching defendant.

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