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Hongkong Daily Press.

Hongkong, Tuesday, December 10, 1935.
英壹仟玖佰卅伍年拾弍月拾日 禮拜弍

No. 24125

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Next To Be In Holland In 1937
(Special Air Mail Service)

London, Nov 22.

   The next world jamboree for Scouts will be held in Holland in 1937. It will be the fifth gathering of its kind, the idea of bringing together the boys of the world having originated just after the Great War when it was put forward as a gesture of thanksgiving for peace.
   The first meeting took place at Olympia in 1920, and it was then decided to hold a similar gathering every four years. The second jamboree was held in Copenhagen in 1924, the third at Arrowe Park, Birkenhead, in 1929, to celebrate the twenty first birthday of the movement, and the fourth at Godollo, in Hungary, in 1933.
   An official of the Boy Scouts Association at the Imperial Headquarters in London said yesterday that the exact location of the Holland jamboree had not yet been indicated, but a telegram had been received from Admiral J.J.Rambonnst, the Chief Scout of Holland, saying he was now assured of the support of the Dutch Government and other authorities, Holland's invitation would be very popular among British Scouts, many of whom had spent enjoyable camps in Holland, and many of the Dutch boys had been welcome visitors over here.

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