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The Hongkong Telegraph.

Monday, May 25, 1936.
香港英五月廿五號 禮拜一


No 14905
Page 5



   Loyalty to the Empire was the keynote of sermons preached in the local Churches yesterday when services were held in commemoration of Empire Day. There were Iarge congregations present and at St. Andrew's Church, Kowloon, and at the Roman Catholic Cathedral, Boy Scouts and Girl Guides attended.
   The annual special service for school children was held in St. John's Cathedral this morning at 9 a.m.
   All warships in harbour were dressed overall yesterday. In addition to the few British warships which are here on patrol duty, the Japanese destroyer Karukaya and the gunboat Saga paid similar tribute to the occasion. The Japanese ships are here to exchange crews before the Saga resumes her patrol duty on the West River.
   Merchant vessels and the Customs cruisers were also dressed.
   Included in the full congregation present in St. Andrew's Church, Kowloon at yesterday morning's service were Girl Guides from the 1st Kowloon (Central British School), and 2nd and 3rd (Diocesan Girls' School) Companies and St. Andrew's Scout troop and Rovers. The flags of the respective companies were carried to the altar during the service, which was conducted by the Vicar (Rev. J.R.Higgs) assisted by the Rev. G.E.S.Upsdell.
   Kipling's "Recessional" was sung, as well as the hymns, "O God our help in ages past," and "The Head that once was crowned with thorns," and the National Anthem.

Scouts Invested

   A special service in commemoration of Empire Day, when the new 13th Kowloon Troop (St. Teresa's) of Scouts were invested and their colours blessed, took place at the Catholic Cathedral yesterday morning.
   The investiture was held prior to celebration of Holy Mass, and was performed by the Rev. Father E.Teruzzl. The new Colours were first blessed, after which the Scouts and Rover Scouts of the Troop went up in turn to be invested with their badge of office.
   A large congregation attended the service, among those present being Mr. Cyril Champkin, Acting Commissioner of Scouts in the Colony.
   The Scout Troops present were the 1st Hongkong (St. Joseph's), 2nd Hongkong (Catholic Cathedral), 15th Hongkong (Wah Yan), 3rd Kowloon (Shamshuipo Catholic), 11th Kowloon (Wah Yan Branch), and the newly formed 13th Kowloon (St. Teresa's).
   Four Girl Guide Companies were also present, these being the 4th Hongkong (Holy Spirit), 7th Hongkong (French Convent), 5th Kowloon (St. Mary's), and the 6th Kowloon (Maryknoll).
   In addition, all Catholic Schools in the Colony sent representatives to the service, which was conducted by the Rev. Father Teruzzi, who was assisted by the Rev. Father J.M.Spada, Rector of the Cathedral and several Scouts.

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