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Hongkong Sunday Herald.

Hongkong, November 8, 1936.

中華民國二拾伍年 歲次丙子年九月廿五日

Vol. XII., No. 662
Page 22



A MOST delightful entertainment, unique of its kind, was given by the combined Scouts, Girl Guides and Wolf Cubs of Hong Kong and Kowloon, when they gave their Camp Fire Display before a large gathering of spectators on the Hong Kong Cricket Club ground last evening. The show was under the distinguished patronage of the Chief Scout, H.E. the Governor, Sir Andrew Caldecott, who attended and declared the Camp Fire open, and was accompanied by Lady Caldecott and his A.D.C., Captain W.J.R.Cragg.
   His Excellency was met on his arrival by the Scout Commissioner for Hong Kong, the Rev. N.V.Halward, and other executive officers of the Boy Scouts' Association and conducted to the stage which had been erected directly facing the Cricket Club pavilion.

   After the band of the Royal Ulster Rifles, present by kind permission of Lt. Col. R.M.Rodwell and Officers, had played God Save the King, the flood lights which illuminated the front portion of the Cricket Club grounds where the display was to take place were turned out, and suddenly starting out from the darkness there appeared the huge illuminated camp fire, most artistically devised and illuminated by electricity. His Excellency then said: "I have great pleasure in declaring this Camp Fire open."
   The whole parade of scouts, Girl Guides and Wolf Cubs, who had marched on to the ground immediately after His Excellency arrived and had taken up their positions before the stage, then sang together in chorus and gave their various "yells" with the utmost enthusiasm. Among the songs given were the "Jemima" chorus to the tune (more or less) of the Soldiers' Chorus from Faust, the Round "London's Burning," sung by four separate groups, and a tongue twister, "Oompah, Oompah, GiIIi, Gilli GiIIi," followed by roars and yells of scouts in various parts of the world. These included a fearsome reproduction of the sort of noise Boy Scouts make in Africa; and with the arrival of a comic "horse" on the ground, everyone was put in a good humour.


   The serious part of the display then started. First the audience was treated to a show of Wand Drill by the 1st Hong Kong Sea Scout Pack of Wolf Cubs, while simultaneously a rope spinning display by selected Scouts from the 1st (Sea Scout) and 4th (Murray) Hong Kong, and the 1st (St. Andrew's) and 4th (Garrison) Kowloon Troops was given.
   The combined Wolf Cub Packs then provided some torchlight figure marching which formed a pretty picture in the darkness, this item being followed by one of the most interesting in the display. It was a demonstration of a rescue from a shipwreck by the use of rocket life saving apparatus, by the 1st Hong Kong (Sea Scout) troop. A "ship's mast" had been erected in one corner of the ground and the Sea Scouts quickly rigged up a breeches buoy, following the firing of a rocket distress signal from the "ship," and carried three "distressed mariners" to safety over the "foaming waters."


   A splendid exhibition of physical drill and pyramids was then given by the 1st (St. Joseph's), 2nd (Catholic Cathedral), and 15th (Wah Yan College) Hong Kong, and the 3rd (Catholic), 11th (Wah Yan College), 18th (St Teresa's) and 14th (Rosary Church) Kowloon troops. The boys performed intricate figure marches to the music of the band and then gave a demonstration of physical drill and figure building.
   This item was followed by a delightful episode enacted by the Girl Guides, entitled "Pandora's Box." Pandora was first seen in a petulant mood, with her husband remonstrating with her. The Box arrived, which Pandora, in spite of the forbidding label, wished to open, but was chided by her husband. He was called away, and curiosity overcame her, and she opened the Box. Out flew a swarm of wasps, then the Imps of Mumps, Rheumatism and Influenza. They danced and threw their infection upon the populace, who began to all. They were followed by the Imps of Sulks, Bad Temper, Greed and Untidiness, and, last of all, Deep Depression. Pandora knelt before the Box and began to pray, when Hope appeared, and presently all the Imps were transformed into Guides, who brought the item to an end with the Guides' salute.
   The display was brought to a close with the singing of songs, choruses and yells round the camp fire in the darkness by the combined Girl Guides, Scouts and Wolf Cubs, after which the Commissioner made an eloquent plea for the support of the Scout movement and thanked those present for their patronage. Mr. Halward referred to the financial position of the Association, which finds itself in some difficulty owing to an overdraft, and appealed for donations to the funds of the Association to enable it to throw off this burden. The speaker mentioned that not only were Scouts from Hong Kong present at the display, which showed what work the movement was accomplishing, but also representatives from China and Macau; and the last named group gave a musical item before the final parade, with Colours, in which all the Scouts, Girl Guides and Wolf Cubs present took part. The National Anthem brought the evening to a close.
   The Association expects to clear about $500 from the Display, which was most successful and eminently enjoyable. The children played their parts with enthusiasm, and the audience went away thoroughly satisfied.

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